DanMachi: Battle Chronicle Hosts “All-Comers Championship Decider Match” Event

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A new limited time event titled the “All-Comers Championship Decider Match” has been announced for the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?: Battle Chronicle battle action RPG (also known as DanMachi: Battle Chronicle or DanChro). 

The limited-time event began on November 14, 2023 and will run until December 5, 2023. It will feature an all new original story featuring the character Ottar and the Goddess of Beauty, Freya. DanMachi: Battle Chronicle players who log in during the event will receive Selas and upgrade materials as exclusive login bonuses. 

Ottar and Freya will star in the game as Adventurer and Assist characters for players to utilize. Classified as “King: Ottar,” the character is an Adventurer that can reduce his technique cooldown and has a special move that grants status debuff resistance.

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Meanwhile, while “Goddess of Beauty: Freya” is an Assist character that can heal a player’s units and apply an inflicted Earth damage reduction to the enemy. Both characters will also receive special character episodes, and can be added to a player’s party and homescreen. 

DanMachi: Battle Chronicle is developed by Aiming and is described as a “battle-action RPG game” based on the Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? anime series. Players can engage in stories and iconic battles inspired by the anime and activate special action moves to attack and dodge in battle campaigns. The gameplay also involves dungeon explorations, autoplay “Battle Arena,” and upgradeable Adventurer characters. Players can also make use of special “Assists” and “Scene Cards” features. 

The game’s synopsis is described as: 

The labyrinth city of Orario…

For excitement towards the unknown, for honor, and especially for romantic encounters with cute girls, the young boy Bell goes to the city of Orario which has an underground labyrinth called the “Dungeon.”

The story unfolds when he meets the petite goddess Hestia. A destined encounter between an adventurer shut down by all Familia and a god with no members. This is the story (Familia Myth) of a young boy’s path written by the goddess. 

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