Sasaki and Peeps To Have Anime NYC Premiere

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Next year’s Sasaki and Peeps anime adaptation will have its premiere at Anime NYC 2023 on November 18, KADOKAWA has revealed.

The Sasaki and Peeps Premiere featuring Kosuke Arai: Masterclass on How to Become a Salaryman in Another World session will take place at the Crunchyroll Stage – River Pavillion from 2 PM to 2:50 PM ET. KADOKAWA producer Kosuke Arai will be present as a guest.

Other KADOKAWA-related titles that are having premieres at Anime NYC this year include Delicious in Dungeon and Ishura.

Sasaki and Peeps is based on the MF Bunko J light novel series written by Buncololi and illustrated by Kantoku. The first volume was released in 2021, and seven volumes have been published as of May 2023.

Yen Press describes the light novels as:

SWORDS AND SORCERY! PSYCHIC BATTLES?! MAGICAL GIRLS?!?! Tired and unfulfilled by his dead-end job, Sasaki decides to adopt Peeps, an adorable pet Java sparrow. Peeps, however, is really Piercarlo, a powerful sage from another world! After Peeps bestows Sasaki with magic and the ability to cross worlds, the two decide to export household items for profit in pursuit of a leisurely lifestyle. But when Sasaki’s new magic gets him mixed up in a whole other kind of supernatural struggle back in Japan, will it destroy his chances at realizing the relaxing life of his dreams?


• Director: Mirai Minato (When Will Ayumu Make His Move?The Dungeon of Black Company)
• Series composer and scriptwriter: Deko Akao (Komi Can’t CommunicateWhen Will Ayumu Make His Move?
• Character designer: Saori Nakashiki (The Great Jahy Will Not Be Defeated!)
• Animation production: Silver Link


Tomokazu Sugita as Sasaki
Aoi Yuuki as Peeps
Akari Kitou as Otonari-san
Rie Takahashi as Hoshizaki-san

Source: Press release

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