Houshou Marine and Gawr Gura Share “Tee-tee” Moments in Sentimental “Shinkiro” Anime Music Video

Image source: Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン YouTube channel

After delighting fans with a Showa Era-inspired anniversary performance last year, hololive VTuber Houshou Marine revisited the theme this year for her fourth anniversary “song festival,” which debuted on her YouTube channel on November 12, 9 PM JST. Released right at the end of that hour-long concert was the anime music video below, which was created for the city pop-style Houshou-Gawr Gura duet “Shinkiro.” 

As wonderfully nostalgic-feeling as Houshou’s Showa-themed concerts and the song itself, the 4:3 “Shinkiro” music video depicts Houshou and Gura becoming cohabitants after a chance encounter in a cave by the sea (to be more accurate, Houshou brings a sleeping Gura home after becoming instantly smitten). With that setup, it’s unsurprising that the video is packed with “tee-tee” (VTuber slang for “precious”) and/or yuri scenes, as the pirate captain and Atlantean descendant explore an idyllic coastal town together and entwine their fingers in bed. The ending is one that might make you blink in surprise, however.

Hiroyuki Takashima, assistant director of The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls U149, is the storyboarder and director for the video, while Houshou has planning and supervision credits (she’s also one of the key animators, marking her second time in the role following July’s “Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates”). Other staff credits include:

• Character designer and chief animation director: Yuusuke Souen (Shine Post sub-character designer)
• Color designer: Hiroko Umezaki (To Your Eternity Season 2)
• Art director: Yuusuke Takeda (Vinland Saga)
• Compositing director: Kenta Hayashi (Sword Art Online: Alicization — War of Underworld co-compositing director)
• Choreographer: Wata
• Animation production: Studio KAI

“Shinkiro” was composed by Kanke, who also arranged and produced Houshou’s cover of the 1990 Kome Kome Club song, “Roman Hikou.”

Source: Marine Ch. 宝鐘マリン YouTube channel

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