Fluffy Paradise Anime Releases New Key Visual, Announces OP Details


Upcoming isekai anime Fluffy Paradise has gained a new key visual, along with details about the opening theme song.

Sizuk will be the performing artist for the OP, which is titled “Cotton Days.”


Fluffy Paradise is an adaptation of the Futabasha-published manga series drawn by Yuriko Takagami, which started in 2017 and has 11 tankoubon volumes as of April 2023. The anime was originally meant to begin airing this year but is now set for a January 2024 premiere instead. Crunchyroll will stream the show.

Coolmic describes the manga as:

Midori Akitsu (27 years old), ends up in another world after dying from overwork?! I got reincarnated in another world after God blessed me with a special ability. This ability is “to be loved by non-human beings.” Huh?! Meaning that humans might not like me, but all the fluffy animals will love me? Whoaaa! I get to pet a white tiger and dragons to my heart’s content! After being reborn as Néma, the youngest daughter of a top-class noble family, I’m doing my best for the survival of humanity(?) while enjoying this world’s fluffiness.

The Fluffy Paradise manga, which has its tankoubon volumes published under the Monster Comics f label, is based on the light novel series written by Himawari and illustrated by Kirouran. The story began as a web novel on Shousetsuka ni Narou in 2012. 


• Director: Junichi Kitamura (Shoot! Goal to the Future assistant director)
• Series composer: Deko Akao (My Stepmom’s Daughter Is My Ex
• Character designer: Asami Miyazaki (Beast Tamer animation director)
• Animation production: EMT Squared


Ai Kakuma as Nema

Source: @mohunade_anime

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