Arknights: Endfield “Special” Trailer Explains The Game’s Setting

Image source: Arknights: Endfield YouTube channel

The upcoming Arknights: Endfield launched its China PC technical test on November 10 CST, and to celebrate, there’s a new “special trailer” which serves to explain the game’s sci-fi setting of Talos-II and the player’s Endministrator character.

You can watch the trailer, titled “Talos-II: Awakening,” below. To summarize, Talos-II is a hostile planet discovered by Terrans via something called “the Teleport,” and the settlers have received pivotal aid from the Endministrator, backed by a faction called Endfield Industries, during various crises. After each crisis, the Endministrator gets to take a break in a high-tech hibernation pod, only to be woken up for the next emergency. The game starts with one such awakening, although the character Perlica, who is the Supervisor of Endfield Industries, says that “things will be different” this time. 

The trailer’s YouTube description describes Arknights: Endfield as:

This planet wants to break us. It wants us to bow before its odious storms. But every employee of Endfield Industries knows their duties and shares a great vision. We shall assist our comrades, gather our people, and rekindle old alliances. Nothing can stop our progress. We will never give up.

Arknights: Endfield will be available on “multiple platforms,” and a global PC technical test will be launched sometime in the future. A teaser trailer and a new gameplay video were released last month. 

Source: Press release

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