hololive VTuber HAACHAMA Will Return From 8 Month Hiatus

hololive VTuber HAACHAMA
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HAACHAMA, also known as Akai Haato, will return from her 8-month-long hiatus on November 1st. 

The hololive VTuber last streamed on February 21st, before developing health issues which lead to her hiatus

Her management announced that she would not be able to participate at day 2 of hololive SUPER EXPO 2023 on May 8, before officially commencing her on hiatus on March 20th

On September 20th, HAACHAMA released a statement to both her English and Japanese fans. In the video, she gave an update on her situation, and asked everyone to wait a little longer. 

“I’m sorry for taking a long break… .Thank you for all your messages and support. Sometimes I feel like I’m falling apart. But when I saw the kind messages I realized there was a place for me and my home was safe,” the hololive VTuber shared. 

“I want to show that I’m getting better little by little… Recently, I have been working hard to regain my strength by eating healthy foods and going outside a little more.”

She broke her silence once again on October 30th, when she finally teased her return.  

HAACHAMA will go live on November 1st, 9:00 pm JST on her YouTube channel. 

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