Winners of 10th Overlap Bunko Taisho Revealed

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The results of the 10th Overlap Bunko Taisho light novel competition are in. Taking the gold prize are the pirate-themed Aoi Umi no Shouhaou (The Young Ruler of the Blue Sea) and Kore ga “Koi” da to Iu no nara, Dareka “Suki” no Teigi wo Oshietekure. (If This is “Love,” Can Someone Teach Me The Definition of “Like.”), which is described as the “most awkward and frustrating love story in the history of the Overlap Bunko Taisho.” 

The silver prize went to Saikyou Shugosha to Eichi no Madou Hime: Shinigami no Chikara wo Motsu Shounen wa Subete wo Houmurisaru (The Strongest Guardian and the Wise Princess of Heresy: The Boy Who Wields the Reaper’s Power Buries Everything) and Mahou Keisatsu Fancy Marilyn ~Shouko ga Nakutemo Sokutaiho!~ (Magical Police Fancy Marilyn ~Immediate Arrest Even Without Evidence!~)

These four winning works were chosen from a pool of 655, the combined result of two separate waves of submissions. The 10th Overlap Bunko Taisho announcement page says that the winners present a powerful message about the changing world, and that many submissions seemed to focus on the theme of “How do we go on in this world?”

Kore ga “Koi” da to Iu no nara, Dareka “Suki” no Teigi wo Oshietekure., which is written by Renri Houjou (pronunciation not confirmed), follows university student Yu Terada, who develops a strange but pleasant relationship with his junior, the sly, cute and popular Hikari Fujimiya, after responding to a request for help one winter night. However, those peaceful days change when Hikari confesses and Yu’s response is: “I’m sorry, Fujimiya. I’m certain that I can’t manage ‘normal’ love.” 

Meanwhile, Aoi Umi no no Shouhaou by Toranuetsugumi (pronunciation not confirmed) takes place in a setting where the Flyral Empire boasts the largest territory on the continent, but the islands of Weed Ocean in the south, despite being in the empire’s domain, is governed by pirates. The story follows the young pirate leader Seth as the empire begins a pirate mop-up operation.

The Overlap Bunko Taisho is an annual competition from publisher Overlap that rewards winning entries with publication and monetary rewards. Prior to being awarded with their respective prizes, the four winners of the 10th Overlap Bunko Taisho were shortlisted as good pieces of work.

The upcoming 11th Overlap Bunko Taisho concluded its first wave of submissions on June 30, while the floodgates for the second and last wave will close on December 31 at 11:59 PM JST. The potential prize winners from the two waves will be announced on October 25 and April 25, 2024. 

Aside from the gold and silver prizes, the 11th Overlap Bunko Taisho rules list a grand prize that includes a manga adaptation as one of the rewards. Additionally, a 10 thousand yen (~US$668) prize will be awarded to the remaining shortlisted titles.

Update: Corrected some erroneous details about the 11th Overlap Bunko Taisho’s submission dates. Additional information has been added as well.

Source: Overlap Bunko website

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