J-Novel Club Expands into Europe with JNC Nina Service

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© Nozomu Mochitsuki, Gilse

J-Novel Club has announced its new expansion into the European market with its JNC Nina service. Starting today, light novel readers will be able to subscribe for weekly installments of new light novel translations in French and German from across Europe. 

JNC Nina takes its name from the 27 total countries in the EU, which in turn is based on a shortened Japanese translation of the number. 

The list of light novels and their translated languages on JNC Nina are listed below: 

  • Hell Mode — By Hamuo with Illustrations by Mo (French and German)
  • The Faraway Paladin — By Kanata Yanagino with Illustrations by Kususaga Rin (French and German)
  • The Saint’s Magic Power is Omnipotent — By Yuka Tachibana with Illustrations by Yasuyuki Syuri (French and German)
  • Tearmoon Empire — By Nozomu Mochitsuki with Illustrations by Gilse (French and German)
  • Brunhild — By Yuiko Agarizaki with Illustrations by Aoaso (German only)
  • Classroom of the Elite By Syougo Kinugasa with Illustrations by Tomoseshunsaku (French only)
  • hell mode light novel volume one french cover
  • the faraway paladin volume one french cover
  • classroom of the elite volume one french cover
  • brunhild volume one german cover
  • tearmoon empire volume one french cover
  • the saint's magic power is omnipotent volume one french cover

What is JNC Nina?

For just 5.49 euro (US$5.77) with VAT per month or 60 euro (US$63.08) per year, readers can subscribe to the JNC Nina website and upcoming app to gain access to some of J-Novel Club’s latest French and German translated titles. 

Members also get access to a discussion forum and the JNC Discord server, where they can discuss what they’re reading and engage with their fellow fans. 

How Does JNC Nina Work?

Upon completion, the streamed books on the service are compiled into full volumes and released for digital retail approximately two weeks after the end of streaming. These ebooks can be purchased from all major ebook outlets including Amazon, Thalia/Tolino Consortium (Germany), Fnac (France), and many more. 

All JNC Nina light novels will be priced at 799 coins on-site, which is equivalent to 7.99 euro (US$8.40), including variations based on local VAT rates. JNC Nina ebooks can also be purchased directly from the JNC Nina website, or in the upcoming app, by members and a subscription will not be required. Direct purchases are also fully compatible with all major e-reader apps and devices with no digital lockouts.

Following retail release, the first part of each book remains free to read for everyone for both members and non-members alike. However, the rest of the book will be blocked off from streaming. These parts — and the parts from all remaining books — can be rented with in-app or on-site coins.

What About Print Releases?

JNC Nina is a fully digital publisher and will not be directly offering print releases of its titles. However, the company will continue to work with local partners to release a limited selection of its catalog for print release.

Source: press release

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