How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer Anime Announced

Ⓒ蒼川なな/SQUARE ENIX・「合コンに行ったら女がいなかった話」製作委員会

The How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer (Goukon ni Ittara Onna ga Inakatta Hanashi) manga by Nana Aokawa is getting a TV anime adaptation. A teaser visual and trailer have been released.

The Square Enix-published manga is serialized on the Gangan Online website and will release its sixth tankoubon volume on October 12, 2023. MANGA UP! describes the plot as:

College student Tokiwa gets invited to a mixer by his female classmate Suo. But when he arrives with his friends, they’re greeted by three dazzlingly handsome men?!

How I Attended an All-Guy’s Mixer started out as a Twitter and Pixiv-published work. The manga has inspired a live-action drama adaptation.


Ⓒ蒼川なな/SQUARE ENIX・「合コンに行ったら女がいなかった話」製作委員会

Source: @goukon_anime

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