The Pluto Anime Gets An Official Trailer and New Visual

Image source: Netflix YouTube channel

The long-gestating Pluto anime adaptation will finally premiere on Netflix this month on October 26. With just a few weeks left before its release, Netflix has released the sci-fi series’ first full-length trailer, which is filled with intriguing lines like “Does the hatred you humans feel ever disappear?” as well as a new visual.

Based on the 2003 to 2009 Shogakukan-published manga series by Naoki Urasawa, which reimagines the “The Greatest Robot on Earth” arc from Osamu Tezuka‘s Astro Boy, Pluto will follow the robot Europol investigator Gesicht as he investigates a murder that seems to have no human involvement, despite the fact that robots are incapable of killing humans in this world. 

“As he pursues the truth, Gesicht uncovers the most evil manifestation of hate that history ever seen, one that is bent on bringing destruction to the world …” says Netflix’s synopsis.

Studio M2 is producing the anime, which was revealed to be in production in 2017, with Toshio Kawaguchi (Phoenix: Kizuna-henMokke character designer, Allison to Lillia co-3D director) as director and Studio M2 founder Masao Maruyama (also MAPPA founder and Madhouse co-founder) as one of the executive producers. Other staff include:

• Character designer: Shigeru Fujita (MonsterLuck and Logic [under a pen name]) 
• Art director: Chikako Shibata (Kiniro Mosaic: Thank you!!
• Compositing director: Mitsuhiro Satou (Typhoon no NorudaMiru Tights)
• CG and Special Effects Director: Takahiro Miyata (Onihei)
• Sound director: Masafumi Mima (Attack on Titan)
• Music composer: Yuugo Kanno (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean)
• Creative advisor: Urasawa

Image source: @NetflixAnime

The cast members include Youko Hikasa as Astro/Atom, Minori Suzuki as Uran, Shinshuu Fuji as Gesicht, Hiroki Yasumoto as Mont Blanc, Koichi Yamadera as North No. 2, Hidenobu Kiuchi as Brando, Rikiya Koyama as Hercules, Mamoru Miyano as Epsilon, and Toshihiko Seki as Pluto. 

Viz Media publishes the manga in English.

Source: @NetflixAnime

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