Ani-One Asia’s Fall 2023 Anime Include Overtake! and The Family Circumstance of The Imbalanced Witch

Ani-One Asia has revealed some of the Fall 2023 anime it will be streaming for free on its YouTube channel. 

For now, viewers can expect romantic anime A Girl and Her Guard Dog, Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange, comedy anime The Family Circumstance of The Imbalanced Witch, and the F4 racing-themed original anime Overtake!. Below are their respective synopses and premiere dates (in UTC+8):

A Girl and Her Guard Dog

Premiere date: September 29 at 1:05 AM (subsequent episodes at 12 AM)

Plot: 15-year-old girl, Isaku is the granddaughter of the third Senagaki yakuza boss. She is ready to make her high school debut in a place far away from her home. She wants to find a normal life, meet friends, or maybe even find love. But her overprotective 26-year-old guardian, Keiya also fakes his age and enrolls in the same school to protect Isaku from any male who comes close. “You are too young for romance,” Keiya says to Isaku, yet Keiya doesn’t know is that Isaku has had a crush on him since a long time ago…?!

Firefighter Daigo: Rescuer in Orange

Premiere date: September 30 at 6 AM

Plot: This is the story of the growth of three young firefighters who will eventually save Japan. Daigo burns with remarkable talent and unparalleled determination. Shun struggles against the walls blocking his own path. Yuki hopes to become one of the few female members of the special rescue corps known as “Orange.” When these three young firefighters who share the goal of becoming members of Orange come together, the story of how Japan will one day be saved begins… and what looms before them is a crisis that endangers the entire country!

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The Family Circumstance of The Imbalanced Witch

Premiere date: October 1 at 10 PM

Plot: Alyssa, a witch who lives alone in the forest, picks up a human baby one day. Despite her confusion, Alyssa named the baby Viola and decided to raise her. 16 years later, Viola had not only grown into a daughter who adores Alyssa but also into a woman of exceptional proportions?! A hilarious comedy about a parent and child whose appearance and body are completely reversed is about to begin!


Premiere date: October 1 at 10 PM

Plot: Racing Koshien”. Whoever races in “F4” holds a chance to win a future ticket to race in “F1”. Witnessing the daring and mesmerizing drive of Haruka Asahina, a high school driver, provoked Kouya Madoka’s passion and excitement as a journalist and photographer. With that, he started supporting Haruka with the “Komaki Motors” team to achieve his dreams. Despite the characters and age differences between Kouya and Haruka, their life begins to intersect.

Ani-One Asia has also announced its streaming of MF Ghost for Ultra subscribers.

Source: Ani-One Asia Facebook page

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