Kodansha USA Licenses 3 New Digital Manga Series for October 2023 Release

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© Kumagae, Hishiwo Miyazawa

Kodansha USA has announced the licensing of three new digital manga series, which are all set for release throughout October 2023. The new manga titles include the slice of life That Time the Manga Editor Started a New Life in the Countryside, the romance story with a twist Searching for My Perfect Brother; and the action comedy Rocopon.

Here are the details for the latest licenses: 

That Time the Manga Editor Started a New Life in the Countryside

that time the manga editor started a new life in the countryside manga visual

Story: Kumagae

Art: Hishiwo Miyazawa

Release Date: October 3, 2023


Sick of his job and the city, Yohei “Kuma” Sakuma has a grand plan—to start anew in the countryside and live off the land. Thing is, he hasn’t told his wife yet, nor does he know the first thing about growing rice. Between crooked houses, swarms of bugs, and grueling work under the sun, the city slicker Kuma and his wife Miyu get a crash course in country life. But at the end of the day, with beer in hand as they take in the sights, they begin to understand that country life can be real hard, but real good.

Searching for My Perfect Brother

searching for my perfect brother manga visual

Story and art: Satoshi Morie

Release Date: October 17, 2023


There’s nothing in the world Rize likes more than to curl up in her warm bed and doze away—just like she used to with her big brother when they were kids, before they were separated by their parents’ divorce. Working late shifts at a supermarket while attending university, she dreams of someday finding and reconnecting with her lost—and now grown-up—big brother. Her penchant for being able to nap in the break room draws the attention of Kairi, a co-worker who struggles with insomnia. Something about him reminds her of her big brother, and she finds herself growing closer to him…but when she discovers his secret, her whole world will be turned helter-skelter.


rocopon manga volume one visual

Story: Chicchi Yukinaga

Art: Nadainishi

Release Date: October 31, 2023


As far as the public is concerned, Rocopon—earth’s only alien—hasn’t done much but loaf around in the 8 years since he crash-landed in Tokyo with no memory of his past. Granted, that is what he likes to do, and he does spend a lot of time playing video games. But as an alien to whom earth laws technically do not apply, he’s been hard at work in a top-secret capacity: government-sanctioned extrajudicial assassin, cleaning up the worst of society that the law is either too slow or too powerless to confront. After years of dispatching hapless crime lords and their goons, things have gotten comfortable. But Rocopon is about to meet his match in more ways than one—fed up with his sloppy ways, headquarters has assigned him a straight-laced partner, and the criminal underground has enlisted the help of those who are a little more than human…

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