The Duke of Death And His Maid Will Have A 3rd Season in 2024

Image source: @bocchan_anime

A third season of The Duke of Death And His Maid has been announced with a 2024 release date.

The second season premiered in July and came to an end on September 24 JST. The first season aired during the Summer 2021 anime season.

The Duke of Death And His Maid is based on the Shogakukan-published manga by Inoue, which was serialized on Sunday Webry from 2017 to 2022 and has 16 tankoubon volumes. Seven Seas Entertainment describes the manga as:

When the duke was a young boy, a witch cast a powerful curse upon him, making it so that any living thing he touched would die. Now a young man, he lives in a sprawling mansion with only servants for his companions: an elderly butler, and his childhood friend, a busty blonde maid named Alice. Despite the curse, Alice is constantly flirting with him and seems to delight in making him blush! But how close can they truly grow as long as the curse is in place?

Both seasons of the anime were directed by Yoshinobu Yamakawa with Hideki Shirane as series composer, SMDE’s Mitsuru Kuwabata as character designer, SMDE’s Yuuya Hatano (Hi Score Girl II) as the character modeling director, and Gen Okuda and Takeshi Watanabe as music composers. J.C.Staff is the animation production company, while SMDE is the CGI company. SMDE’s Yuya Ishihara was the CG Director for Season 2.

The cast includes Natsuki Hanae as the Duke of Death, Ayumi Mano as Alice, Hoochuu Ootsuka as Rob, Inori Minase as Viola, Wakana Kuramochi as Cuff, Hiroshi Kamiya as Zain, Yuuma Uchida as Walter, and Yoko Hikasa as Dulles. Reina Ueda and Masaaki Mizunaka joinied in Season 2 as Amelia and Zachou, respectively.

Source: @bocchan_anime

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