Right Stuf Brand to be Phased Out, Merges with Crunchyroll Store

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Crunchyroll announced that it will be phasing out the Right Stuf online store and migrating all its products to the Crunchyroll store starting on October 10, 2023. The news was first reported on the Twitter account of Manga Alerts & Restocks and later confirmed by Anime News Network via email correspondence. 

The company stated that it is planning to continue growing its eCommerce catalog and will stock a collection of over 30,000 products for over 4,000 titles.

Customers will still be able to find all the products that were previously listed on the Right Stuf website. After October 10, the website will redirect to Crunchyroll, where all products will be available to purchase on the Crunchyroll eCommerce store. Users can access their Right Stuf account until October 25, 2023. After that date, the account will be automatically transferred to Crunchyroll, but users can opt-out by contacting customer service. 

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Crunchyroll will also hold a similar regular winter 2023 holiday sale to Right Stuf’s and will be renamed to the Crunchyroll Holiday Sale. However, there will be changes to how it operates and more details about it were not revealed. In addition, more information regarding discounts, pre-orders, and backorders will be revealed in an upcoming press release.

Projects being released under the Nozomi Entertainment brand will also not be affected by the transition, according to Anime News Network. This includes licenses such as Macross and projects such as Right Stuf and Nozomi Entertainment’s Kickstarter Blu-ray Disc release for Dirty Pair

There will be no disruption to international shipping and availability as well. As of now, Right Stuf can still ship products internationally, but there may be restrictions on where it cannot ship, as well as other limitations outside of the U.S. and Canada.

Crunchyroll purchased Right Stuf on August 4, 2022. President and co-founder Shawne Kleckner would then leave the company later that December. Crunchyroll subsequently announced that it will phase out its sale of erotic products on its website, transferring them to a website formerly known as EroAnimeStore.com

More information on the Right Stuf phase out and Crunchyroll’s involvement with the process can be found on this FAQ page.  

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