Team Vitality Esports Brand Drops New Streetwear Collaboration with Hunter x Hunter

team vitality hunter x hunter streetwear collab visual feature image
© Team Vitality, Hunter x Hunter

Global esports organization Team Vitality has unveiled its latest streetwear apparel collaboration with the Hunter x Hunter manga series. The new collection includes a white hoodie, several T-shirts, a cap, and skateboard deck, which can all now be purchased on Team Vitality’s official website

This is the second collaboration with Team Vitality after releasing a Naruto apparel line in December 2022. The range of items have been designed for their versatility and timeless appeal. 

Here are the details for each product from the collaboration:  

Black Tee Gon and White Tee Killua 


Each T-shirt in this collection showcases Team Vitality’s unique typography tailored to complement each featured Hunter x Hunter character. The first shirt, in captivating black with green stylization, captures the essence of Gon Freecss and displays the main protagonist on the front. Meanwhile, the pristine white T-shirt highlights Gon’s closest friend, Killua Zoldyck, in a complementary lilac hue on both the front and back of it. 

Price: 39.99€ (US$43.18) each

White Hoodie Hunter Crew


Team Vitality also unveiled a stylish white hoodie with the Hunter x Hunter characters on them. Embracing a modern streetwear aesthetic, the hoodie features Japanese typography and the Team Vitality logo adorning the sleeves, while the back proudly displays the anime’s main characters. 

Price: 69.99€ (US$75.57) each

Vitality x Hunter Black Cap

hunter x hunter black cap

The cap features a simple design that adorns the Team Vitality Bee in dark green on the front, contrasting with the hat’s black canvas. Additionally, the back of the cap proudly displays the iconic Hunter x Hunter logo. 

Price: 29.99€ (US$32.38) each

Red and Yellow Killua Skateboard


The unique red and yellow skateboard decks are created by the HLC Skate Factory manufacturer, who seamlessly blend artistic flair with advanced technology. The top half of the deck boasts a striking red arrow on a vibrant yellow background, showcasing both the Hunter x Hunter and Team Vitality Crests. The bottom of the deck maintains a bright yellow hue to contrast the presence of the red wheels. 

Price: 99.99€ (US$107.96)

Source: press release

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