Synduality Noir Reveals Love Live! Superstar!! Visual & Music Video for 8th Episode Insert Song

synduality noir ciel and sumire love live visual feature image
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A special key visual of Synduality Noir has been released, featuring the character Ciel and Sumire Heanna from Love Live! Superstar!!. Ciel is played by Nagisa Aoyama, who also voices Ren Hazuki from Love Live! Superstar!! The 12-episode anime first premiered on July 11, 2023, with Disney+ and Hulu streaming the series outside of Japan. 

synduality noir ciel and sumire love live key visual
© SYNDUALITY Noir Committee

In addition, a full live-action music video for an insert song of Synduality Noir titled “You&(A)I” has also been released. Aoyama is credited as her character Ciel in the song, who performed it in an idol scene from the anime’s eighth episode. 

The production staff for the anime includes Yuusuke Yamamoto (Encouragement of Climb: Next Summit) as director, Hajime Kamoshida (Just Because! series composer) as story draft writer, Takashi Aoshima (Banished from the Hero’s Party, I Decided to Live a Quiet Life in the Countryside) as series screenwriter, Kenichirou Katsura (Knights & Magic) as character designer, Kazutaka Miyatake (Macross 7 co-mechanical designer) as Legendary designer, and Masato Nakayama (Play It Cool, Guys) as music composer. Eight Bit is in charge of the animation production for the series. 

Illustrators neco and Ippei Gyoubu (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch from Mercury co-mecha designer, Megalo Box Gear designer) are credited as the anime’s original character and “Cradle Coffin” (the name for Synduality Noir‘s mechs) designers. 

Meanwhile, the voice cast includes Takeo Ootsuka as Kanata, Aoi Koga as Noir, Nagisa Aoyama as Ciel, M.A.O as Schnee, Yuusuke Kobayashi as Tokio, Fuminori Komatsu as Mouton, Konomi Inagaki as Ellie, Ayaka Oohashi as Ange, Taito Ban as Kurokamen, Daisuke Sakaguchi as Michael, Daiki Hamano as Bob, Miku Itou as Maria, Ryouka Yuzuki as Claudia, and Marika Kouno as Flamme. 

Synduality Noir is part of a wider mixed-media project that includes an upcoming PvPvE third-person shooter game titled Synduality: Echo of Ada from Bandai Namco. It will be released sometime later this year for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC systems via Steam.

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Bandai Namco describes the game as:

SYNDUALITY is a Sci-fi Shooter set in a dystopian futuristic world where humans and AI must co-exist and cooperate to survive. The game takes place in 2222 – years after a mysterious poisonous rain called “The Tears of the New Moon” wipe out most of humanity and birthed deformed creatures that now hunt the population. Amidst the calamity, humans are forced to build an underground haven named Amasia, where they discover and begin to collaborate with forms of artificial intelligence called Magus.

Source: Synduality Noir Official Twitter

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