Shaman King: Flowers Reveals New Trailer, More Voice Cast, & January 2024 Airdate

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© Hiroyuki Takei, Kodansha/​SHAMAN KING FLOWERS Project.

The production team for the Shaman King: Flowers TV anime series has revealed a new PV trailer, which also features the four additional voice cast members. The anime serves as a sequel to the 2021 series and is scheduled to premiere in January 2024. 

The new voice cast members include Ami Koshimizu as Luca Asakura, Kentarou Itou as Daikyou Oboro, Kenta Miyake as Ichihara Ryuji, Chihiro Ueda as Namaha, Nana Mizuki as Tamao Tamamura, Takumu Miyazono as Ponchi, and Noriaki Kanze as Konchi.  

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They join a main cast that includes Youko Hikasa as Hana Asakura (who previously voiced Yoh), Katsuyuki Konishi as Amidamaru, Sumire Uesaka as Alumi Niumbirch, Shun Horie as Yohane Asakura, Michiko Kaiden as Gakko Ibuki, and Romi Park as Tao Men.

Meanwhile, the production staff includes Jouji Furuta (Shaman King) as director, Shouji Yonemura (Shaman King) as series screenwriter, Mayuko Yamamoto (Lycoris Recoil animation director) as character designer, Toshiomi Iizumi (Shaman King animation director) and Satoshi Mutsuda (Shaman King animation director) as Over Soul designers, Natsuko Ootsuka (Shaman King) as color designer, Teruyuki Kawase (Shaman King) as compositing director, Jinya Kimura (Shaman King) as art director, and Yuuki Hayashi (Shaman King) as music composer. Bridge is once again handling the animation production for the anime. 

Shaman King: Flowers is based on the manga series by Hiroyuki Takei, which ran in Shueisha’s Jump X from April 10, 2012 to October 10, 2014, before being followed up with the ongoing Shaman King: The Super Star. Six tankoubon volumes were released in total. 

The original Shaman King manga ran in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from June 30, 1998 to August 30, 2004, before being acquired and republished by Kodansha in 2018. A total of 32 tankoubon volumes were released under Shueisha, with 35 volumes that were released under Kodansha. The manga also inspired the 2011 Shaman King: Zero manga, Shaman King: Flowers, and Shaman King: The Super Star

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© Hiroyuki Takei, Kodansha/​SHAMAN KING FLOWERS Project.

An earlier TV anime adaptation was released in 2001, prior to the 2021 anime series. The latter is currently streaming on Netflix and recently concluded with a total of 52 episodes. 

Kodansha USA releases the Shaman King: Flowers manga in English and describes the synopsis as: 

Hana Asakura finds that being the son of Yoh & Anna Asakura isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and his boredom has him itching for any kind of excitement. But when a fight comes straight to his doorstep, it’s from a place he least expects—his own family? The battle for Asakura supremacy begins!

Source: Shaman King: Flowers Official Twitter

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