Bang Brave Bang Bravern Original Anime Releases MORUGA Mecha Design Video

© 「勇気爆発バーンブレイバーン」製作委員会

The CygamesPictures original mecha anime Bang Brave Bang Bravern has received a teaser promotional video featuring the mechanical design material of the MORUGA mech.

Different loadout variations of the MORUGA are shown off in the video, including one with huge arms and another with an oversized railgun-like weapon. There is also an illustration of the mech’s cockpit.

Bang Brave Bang Bravern was announced in May with Masami Obari (Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue, Super Robot Taisen OG: The InspectorFatal Fury: The Motion Picture) as its director. Most details about the show are currently unknown.

Source: Cygames Anime Sukisuki YouTube channel

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