Houshou Marine Drops New Anime Music Video

Image source: Houshou Marine YouTube channel

hololive‘s Houshou Marine has released an anime music video for her new song “Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates.” This is the VTuber’s first animated MV since July 2022’s  “I’m Your Treasure Box.”

In addition to performing the song, Marine is also listed in the key animation credits of the music video, marking her first ever key animator role. Some of the other key animators on “Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates” include Masato Anno (Flying Witch character designer), Kanna “kappe” Hirayama (OSHI NO KO/Rent-A-Girlfriend‘s character designer), Naoya “yoha” Nakayama (OSHI NO KO ending sequence and “Idol” director and storyboard artist), Tease (“I’m Your Treasure Box” director and storyboard artist), Cona Nitanda (“I’m Your Treasure Box”), and Eri Irei (The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls U149 Episode 6 director et al, “I’m Your Treasure Box”).

Shirayuki is credited with the unit direction and storyboards.

“Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates” was announced at the end of Marine’s recent “3rd Generation Girls Band !!!!” birthday livestream, on July 30 JST, during which the VTuber, commonly referred to as Senchou, performed songs like Bocchi the Rock!‘s “Seiza ni Naretara,” K-On!!‘s “Tenshi ni Fureta yo!” and The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya‘s “God Knows” alongside her fellow 3rd gen Hololive members. “Bishoujyo Muzai♡Pirates” will be released on streaming services on July 31 at 12 AM JST.

Sources: Houshou Marine YouTube channel , Music Natalie

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