Fate/Grand Order Releases Memorial Movie 2023 Anime Trailer

Image source: Aniplex USA YouTube channel

The previously announced Memorial Movie 2023 animated trailer for the Fate/Grand Order mobile game has been released on YouTube. Some of the footage in the video were teased in the various, previously released Beyond the Tale shorts.

The animated video, which features the song “flowers” by Hana Hope, is the core of the Beyond the Tale project, which Aniplex USA describes as:

“To explore beyond the tale” The characters who appear in “Fate/Grand Order” are heroes from myth and legend, and your encounters with these Servants weave an entirely new tale. “Myth and legend merge into a tale of your own.” 

Memorial Movie 2023 is storyboarded and unit directed by Shuu Hiromatsu, the animator who took on the same roles for the fifth ending animation of Chainsaw Man and the opening sequence for Dawang Raoming. Cloverworks is credited as the main animation production company while Big Firebird Cultural Media Co., Ltd. is credited as production consultant (despite contributing many staff to the video’s production).

Fate/Grand Order was first released in 2015 in Japan and in 2017 in the United States. In addition to being a part of the Fate franchise and Nasuverse, it has spawned various manga, light novels, and anime. Last month, it was reported that the mobile RPG had been downloaded more than 28 million times in its home country alone.

Sources: Aniplex USA YouTube channel, Fate/Grand Order channel

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