The Fable Manga Gets Anime Adaptation


Katsuhisa Minami‘s The Fable manga is getting adapted into a TV anime. A teaser visual has been released.

Ryousuke Takahashi (Muteking the Dancing Hero chief director) is directing the anime at Tezuka Productions. Yuuya Takashima (Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch of Mercury sci-fi researcher) is serving as series composer while Kyuma Oshita, Saki Hasegawa (Aoashi), and Junichi Hayama (pet) are the character designers.


The original The Fable manga ran from 2014 to 2019 in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine and was collected into 22 tankoubon volumes. The Fable: The Second Contact began in 2021 and has seven tankoubon volumes as of May 2023.

Kodansha USA describes the plot as:

When you’re the infamous “genius killer” hitman The Fable, many things come easy. Being a normal person, however, isn’t one of them. In fact, being told that he can’t kill anyone for a while may just be the hardest job he’s ever taken…

The Fable has also inspired a short story manga collection and a live-action movie duology.

Sources: @the_fable_anime, Mantan Web

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