Tokyopop Announces 4 New Manga Series Under LoveLove Imprint

sating the wolf manga volume one cover
© Troy Arukuno

Manga and graphic novel publisher Tokyopop announced four upcoming titles that will be published under its newest LoveLove imprint. The romance-focused imprint will feature a diverse catalog of shoujo, josei, girls love, boys love manga, and graphic novel titles by Western creators. 

The LoveLove catalog is curated to include age-appropriate content for readers ranging from teens to adults. Titles cover a wide age range of demographic, from 13+ to older teens (16+) to titles aimed strictly at mature readers (18+).

tokyopop lovelove imprint

The newest manga titles for the LoveLove imprint that will be released in print and digital format in Fall 2023 include:

The Black Cat & The Vampire 

black cat and vampire manga volume one cover
© Nikke Taino

Story and art: Nikke Taino 

Release date: October 10, 2023

Taino launched the manga series in Tokuma Shoten’s Chara magazine in 2021. Two total tankoubon volumes have been released by Tokuma Shoten as of July 2021.


Blanc College is a prestigious all-boys boarding school where the sons of leading families from all over the world study and learn to be independent. Yuki, a freshman attending Blanc College on a scholarship, is the perfect student: at the top of his class, quiet and polite. He’s a loner, keeping others at arm’s length — except Jean, the devastatingly charming Head Boy, who seems entirely immune to Yuki’s aloof attitude. Their school days are peaceful until, one day, a student gets attacked, and ends up with a wound on his neck that looks suspiciously like a vampire bite! Yuki doesn’t have time for this nonsense. And besides, vampires aren’t even real… right?

Undead: Finding Love in the Zombie Apocalypse

undead finding love zombie apocalypse manga volume one cover
© Fumi Tsuyuhisa

Story and art: Fumi Tsuyuhisa

Release date: October 24, 2023

Tsuyuhisa first launched the manga in Tokyo Mangasha’s Cab magazine in August 2020, and ended it in 2022. Two tankoubon volumes have been released as of September 2022.


Which will you find in this devastated world — love or despair? Nineteen-year-old Hikaru Asahina lost everything the day the world ended. Everything, that is, except his childhood friend Ai Kosaka, who has always taken care of him. Now the two of them, along with other survivors, struggle to stay alive in a post-apocalyptic world filled with man-eating zombies. And when Ai confesses to feeling something more for Hikaru, it changes everything. After all, the more precious someone is to you, the harder it is to lose them. In a world like theirs, is something like love even possible?

Sating the Wolf

sating the wolf manga volume one cover
© Troy Arukuno

Story and art: Troy Arukuno

Release date: October 24, 2023

Arukuno serialized the manga in ShuCream’s “from RED” magazine in 2022. One tankoubon volume has been released as of April 2022.


Noah, a wolf with no family, was banished from his beloved pack after presenting as an Omega. While wandering alone in a village of herbivores, he meets Henri, a rabbit who lives alone with his little brothers. In a town where carnivores are feared, Henri bravely takes Noah in and offers him a job. When Noah accidentally goes into heat, it suddenly awakens Henri’s Alpha instincts.

Will a world divided between carnivores and herbivores accept the relationship between a little Alpha rabbit and a big Omega wolf?

Lullaby of the Dawn 

lullaby of the dawn manga volume one cover
© Ichika Yuno

Story and art: Ichika Yuno

Release date: November 11, 2023

The manga series won first place in the Best Comic category in the 2022 Chill Chill BL Awards. Yuno first launched the manga in ShuCream’s “from RED” magazine in February 2021, where it is currently serialized. Three tankoubon volumes have been released as of October 2022.


Night after night, Elva steps forth into the black sea, sword in hand, to drive back the creatures that surge from the waves. Elva is one of the ‘kannagi’ warrior priests chosen by the divine to protect the island. With his snow-white hair, unaging youth, and black-stained limbs — proof of the corruption that gradually takes the life of every kannagi — the local people fear and shun him… at least until his path crosses with that of a boy named Alto. Enraptured by Elva’s strength and lonely soul, Alto swears to serve him and free him from his cursed fate.

After eight long years, Alto has grown into a capable and fearless young man, unwavering in his devotion to his kannagi. Elva had long ago resigned himself to an early death — but somehow, Alto’s presence seems to be gradually healing him of the black sea’s corruption…

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