NIJISANJI Announces the Graduation of Nina Kosaka

Nina Kosaka graduation featured image

Nina Kosaka, VTuber of ANYCOLOR Inc. and their NIJISANJI English branch, has announced she will be graduating on July 8, 2023.

Nina’s graduation was announced on NIJISANJI’s world Twitter and followed up by an announcement stream. After graduation, Nina’s YouTube channel, Twitter, and other social media accounts will be made private, and the sale of merchandise will be discontinued.

Nina left a heartfelt message to her fans and fellow Livers stating how this was her own decision and how much her time with them meant to her.

“You’ve all changed my life in such dramatic and positive ways. I have laughed, cried, grown and most importantly felt a sense of acceptance, accomplishment, and belonging from all of you. Thank you for giving me this gift.”

She went on to further describe how she felt the content she was delivering was not up to her own standard and that she would graduate to be able to grow in an environment without pressure. Nina also requested fans to respect the other talents regarding comments on her graduation.

There has been an outpouring of messages from the wider VTuber community wishing Nina the best with her future endeavors.

“I love you nina kosaka” tweeted Ironmouse.

Takanashi Kiara said:

“Nina I’m so happy I got to know you through nijisanji, otherwise I don’t think we would have ever interacted. So all I have is gratitude because you are really an amazingly sweet and open person. Thanks for being you, I hope you stay you.”

NIJISANJI has confirmed their Ethyria unit will continue with Enna Alouette, Reimu Endou, and Millie Parfait, and that fans will continue to support them.

Nina Kosaka debuted as part of NIJISANJI EN’s third English-language wave in October 2021. The Kitsune themed VTuber has 570,000 YouTube subscribers at the time of this announcement.


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