Delicious in Dungeon To Have World Premiere At Anime Expo 2023

©Ryoko Kui,KADOKAWA/Delicious in Dungeon PARTNERS

The upcoming anime adaptation of Delicious in Dungeon will have its world premiere at Anime Expo 2023, KADOKAWA has revealed.

The premiere will be held as part of the “TRIGGER New Title Announcement and World Premiere” panel on July 1, 1:45 PM PT at the Main Events panel room. Voice actors Kentaro Kumagai and Sayaka Sembongi, who play protagonists Laios and Marcille, respectively, will be present.

Other KADOKAWA-related panels and premieres include: 

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Saturday, July 1 | 11:00 AM PT @JW-Platinum

HIDIVE Presents The Eminence in Shadow S2 World Premiere

Saturday, July 1 | 12:15 AM PT @Main Events

HIDIVE Industry Panel + Level 1 Demon Lord US Premiere

World Premiere of Bungo Stray Dogs S5 featuring Kafka Asagiri, Masahiko Minami and Chiaki Kurakane

Sunday, July 2 | 4:00 PM PT @JW-Platinum

KADOKAWA Animation PV Watch Party ft. Gigguk and CDawgVA

Sunday, July 2 | 6:30 PM PT @ JW-Diamond (VAPOLLO VIRTUAL STAGE)

The Rising of the Shield Hero 3 Episode 1 World Premiere (as part of Crunchyroll Presents: New Simulcast Premieres Round 2)

Monday, July 3 | 12:00 PM PT @ JW-Diamond

Sugar Apple Fairy Tale Season 2 Episode 1 Premiere (as part of Crunchyroll Presents: New Simulcast Premieres Round 3)

Monday, July 3 | 2:00 PM PT @ JW-Diamond

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