Shiki Miyoshino Makes Sony Music Debut With “hanahaki syndrome”

hanahaki syndrome promotional image
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Shiki Miyoshino, a member of PRISM Project’s third VTuber generation, will make her debut under Sony Music with her original song “hanahaki syndrome.” The single will launch on July 12, 2023.

This announcement came as a part of Shiki Miyoshino’s 2nd anniversary live stream. A preview of the song has been released on Miyoshino’s YouTube channel.

The lyricist and composer for ‘hanahaki syndrome’ is vocaloid producer GHOST.

The theme of the song is described as:

 “a fictional disease in which an individual suffering from unrequited love coughs up flower petals.

©2022 PRISM Project

PRISM Project recently announced their 6th generation and 7th generation VTubers.

Source: Press Release

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