Zatsu Tabi: That’s Journey Manga To Get Anime

Image source: @ishiken02

The Zatsu Tabi: That’s Journey manga by Kenta Ishizaka is getting an anime adaptation. According to a tweet by Ishizaka, the anime is currently in the planning phase.

Ishizaka’s tweet was accompanied by a special illustration.

Zatsu Tabi: That’s Journey follows a rookie manga artist who decides to embark on a journey following numerous rejections, with the protagonist using online questionnaires to roughly determine where she will head next. The KADOKAWA-published title is serialized in Comic Maoh since 2019 and released its ninth tankoubon volume on May 26, 2023.

Super Cub: Rei manga artist Sakae Saitou also released an illustration to commemorate Zatsu Tabi: That’s Journey getting an anime adaptation, while Lycoris Recoil character designer and This Art Club Has a Problem! manga creator Imigimuru tweeted fan art that they had drawn in the past.

Sources: @ishiken02, Comic Natalie

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