One Piece Emotional Stories Vol. 2 Prizes Revealed

Banpresto has teased the upcoming One Piece Emotional Stories Vol. 2 lottery prizes, which is scheduled to launch in October 2023.

This is the second installment of the popular “Emotional Stories” lottery series, which focuses on heart-wrenching and emotional scenes from the One Piece TV anime series. The One Piece Emotional Stories Vol. 2 will feature figures based on iconic scenes of Nami, Nojiko, and Bell-mere; Tony Tony Chopper and Hiriluk; Kozuki Hiyori and Kozuki Oden; and Rebecca and Thunder Soldier. Other prizes include tote bags, glasses, towels, stickers, and rubber charms.

A “last one version” of the Nami, Nojiko, and Bell-mere figure will be featured as the last one prize.

The lottery will be sold in stores across Japan starting October 2023, with each ticket costing 750 yen (US$5.40).

Source: Banpresto

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