hololive English Opens New VTuber Auditions for 2023

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hololive Production has opened VTuber auditions for its hololive English branch. They are looking for livestreamers and entertainers to join the agency.

The general requirements for the auditions are:

  • •Age 18 or over at the time of audition
  • •Ability to fully commit to content creation and streaming/submitting content at least 3 times per week for an extended period of time
  • •English fluency
  • •Has clear goals and objectives as an entertainer
  • •Not currently affiliated with an entertainment agency/label or has the ability to terminate any affiliation if given the opportunity to debut
  • •Ability to comply with rules and regulations regarding the audition process

Additional skills that are valued include skilled/competitive gaming experience, content creation, voice acting, video editing, and multilingualism.

The audition process begins with an application form for initial screening. This application form requires a five-minute audition video and also asks applicants about their skills and streaming content. Applicants who succeed during this round will be contacted a month after their initial audition. 

After this, multiple stages of interviews will be conducted over video calls, after which results will be delivered via email.

This call comes nearly two weeks after hololive announced the opening of their second 3D motion capture studio. Live 3D performances are a core part of the experience for the agency’s VTuber units and individual talents.  

hololive’s english branch currently has 10 members with over 15 million combined YouTube subscribers.

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