ONKYO DIRECT Opens Pre-Orders for Classroom of the Elite Wireless Earphones

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ONKYO DIRECT has opened pre-orders for a pair of Classroom of the Elite wireless earphones, inspired by Kiyotaka Ayanokouji and Kei Karuizawa. The collaboration also includes the sale of various anime-themed merchandise, which includes a wireless charger, A4 clear film, acrylic stands, and can badges. 

The pre-order period for the wireless earphones and merchandise will run from May 19, 2023 until July 21, 2023. The CP-TWS01B earphones are priced at 20,000 yen (US$144.82), which includes both the tax and shipping costs. Pre-orders can be placed on Onkyo Direct’s product page for people in Japan or through the Buyee proxy service for overseas customers. The product is expected to ship out sequentially between late September 2023 to early October 2023. 

Pre-orders can also be placed directly at ONKYO DIRECT’s anime retail store in Akihabara, where customers can receive a special illustrated postcard of Classroom of the Elite. The quantities of these postcards are limited and will not be restocked after they are all distributed. 

classroom of the elite onkyo direct postcard

Meanwhile, the wireless earphone charger is listed with a price of 4,400 yen (US$31.89), with tax and shipping costs included. 

The acrylic stands come in two designs, featuring Kiyotaka and Kei, respectively. They are priced at 1,200 yen (US$8.70) each, with tax included. 

classroom of the elite acylic stands

The A4 clear files come in three different designs: one with Kiyotaka and Kei together and two others with them separately. The clear files will cost 500 yen (US$3.63) each, with tax included. 

classroom of the elite clear files

Lastly, the can badges will only be sold at ONKYO DIRECT’s Akihabara store for 500 yen (US$3.63) each, with tax included. 

classroom of the elite can badges

Source: ONKYO DIRECT Information Page, ONKYO DIRECT Official Twitter

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