Crunchyroll Partners with Duolingo to Add 50 Anime-Themed Phrases to Japanese Course

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Crunchyroll announced that it has partnered with the Duolingo language learning platform to celebrate the latter’s sixth anniversary. As part of the partnership, 50 iconic anime-themed phrases from a variety of series will be added to Duolingo’s Japanese course. 

Premium Crunchyroll subscribers will be eligible for a two-month trial of Super Duolingo — the premium, ad-free tier of the language learning app. Free Crunchyroll users will be eligible for a one-month trial of Super Duolingo. Meanwhile, Duolingo learners studying Japanese may be eligible for one free month of Crunchyroll Mega Fan premium. 

Crunchyroll is also making a roundup of series with easy to understand, everyday vocabulary available on its advertisement-based video-on-demand service for a limited time. Some of the phrases come from anime series such as Bananya, Free! — Iwatobi Swim Club, Laid-Back Camp, and Nichijou

Crunchyroll stated that global interest in language learning is heavily influenced by major pop culture and social events. Nearly a third (26%) of Duolingo Japanese learners cite watching their favorite anime as their top motivation for learning Japanese. As a result, it is the third most popular language for English speakers to learn on Duolingo.  

Source: press release

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