Ikimono-san Anime Releases Surreal Teaser Trailer

© 和田淳・ニューディアー/東映アニメーション

A teaser trailer has been released for the upcoming Ikimono-san TV anime, which premieres in Japan this July. The slightly surreal video shows off the main characters Igaguri and Inu (Igaguri’s dog).

Ikimono-san is directed by award-winning director Atsushi Wada (Day of Nose, Well, That’s Glasses) with animation production by NEW DEER. Toei Animation is involved in the production.

Aside from Inu, other animals will appear in the show as well.

Ikimono-san is based on the video game My Excercise, which Wada was also involved with. The game’s Steam page describes it as:

Let’s do sit-ups!

Let a chubby boy do his exercise and sink into a dog’s body. Maybe animals will come to cheer him up.

My Exercise is a festival of private comforts. Subtle secret elements are hidden delicately.

Source: @ikimonosan_

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