PRISM Project VTubers Announced as Guests for Anime North and More

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Anime North has announced they have invited four members of VTuber agency PRISM Project as special guests in Toronto, Canada, May 26-28. The attending members are Iku Hoshifuri, Aoi Tokimori, Rita Kamishiro, and Shiki Miyoshino.

Anime North has also announced a variety of other VTuber guest appearances. Among those currently announced are AQUA+, Aiyu, CottontailVA, Mei, Fumi, Moosuki, Hazumi, Vexoria, and more.

PRISM Project is currently partnered with Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The agency recently announced its 5th generation.

Iku Hoshifuri and Aoi Tokimori are both part of PRISM Project 1st generation, debuting on January 30, 2021.

Rita Kamishiro is part of PRISM Project 2nd generation. She debuted on March 28, 2021. Shiki Miyoshino is part of PRISM Project 3rd generation. She debuted on June 26, 2021.

Source: Anime North Twitter

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