Bocchi the Rock! Partners with Tower Records Café for Limited Time Collaboration

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Tower Records Café has announced a limited time collaboration with Bocchi the Rock! that will run from May 11, 2023 to May 28, 2023. The café will be hosted at Tower Records’ Omotesando, Nagoya, and Osaka locations, where anime-themed food and exclusive merchandise will be sold. 

The collaboration merchandise will also be available to purchase on Tower Records’ online website, with more details to be announced at a later date. 

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Meanwhile, the café will feature a customizable set menu, with food and drink inspired by the characters from Bocchi the Rock!. Each visitor will be allowed to order one entrée dish, one dessert dish, and 1-3 character-themed specialty drinks. Only one set menu can be ordered per person at the café and visitors will receive a random postcard set after purchasing them. 

Bocchi’s entrée includes an omelet rice dish covered with a special pink sauce. The pink sauce is actually a white sauce mixed with ketchup and pink coloring. Meanwhile, her drink is a chocolate strawberry drink. 

Nijika’s dessert dish contains an almond opera cake with red bean monaka, accompanied with yuzu sorbet topped off with whipped cream, orange sauce, orange slices, mint, and mango chunks. Her character-inspired drink is a glass of Kirin Straight Tea mixed with syrup and orange juice. 

Ryou’s dish consists of an entrée of chicken red curry, served with white rice, lettuce, mini tomatoes, paprika powder, and parsley, with an onion-based dressing. Visitors will be able to purchase a yogurt yakult drink, topped off with blue curacao syrup. 

Lastly, Ikuyo’s dish features strawberry pancakes, drizzled in strawberry sauce and topped off with mixed berries, whipped cream, and mint. Her drink is a glass of soda water, mixed with blue curacao and strawberry syrup.

Visitors will also be able to order a warm latte with art of the four main characters as a drink option for any menu set. A cup of mango juice is also available for takeout only. 

Pre-order tickets for the collaboration café will begin on April 26, 2023, and priority access will be given to those who book reservations beforehand. In order to do so, visitors will need to register as a free member for Tower Records Members program and on the Ticket Pia reservation page

More information about the Bocchi the Rock! Tower Records collaboration café can be found on the event’s official website

Source: Tower Records Cafe Official Twitter

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