Yen Press Licenses Bocchi the Rock!, Days with my Stepsister, & More Titles at Sakura-Con

bocchi the rock manga volume one cover feautre image
© Aki Hamaji, Houbunsha

At its Sakura-Con 2023 industry panel, Yen Press announced twenty-three new releases under its manga and Yen On novel imprints. All the new licenses will be released in Fall 2023 and consist of sixteen manga series, five novels, and two artbooks. Some of the highlighted new titles include Bocchi the Rock!, The Deer King, Days with My Stepsister, and The Shiunji Family Children, among other new releases. 

Here are the full details for Yen Press’s newest licenses: 


Bocchi the Rock!

Story and art: Aki Hamaji

bocchi the rock manga volume one cover
© Aki Hamaji, Houbunsha


Bocchi finally takes the stage in English, and she’s brought her best friend — crippling anxiety! Hitori Goto just wants to make friends, but the thought of approaching a stranger on her own makes her so nervous that she’s spent the entirety of middle school teaching herself how to shred on the guitar — to moderately successful (albeit anonymous) YouTube fame—in the hopes of seeming cool enough for someone else to reach out to her instead. After bringing her guitar to school provokes zero interest, Hitori’s just about ready to shrivel up and die…which is when Nijika Ijichi comes across her moping in a playground and begs her to fill in for her band’s flaky guitarist for their first-ever live performance! It’s like her wish came true…but does this most antisocial of introverts have what it takes to perform in front of real people?!

The Deer King (manga)

Story: Nahoko Uehashi

Art: Tarou Sekiguchi

the deer king manga volume one cover
© Nahoko Uehashi, Tarou Sekiguchi


Van resolves to fight the Zol Empire and save his homeland, only to be captured and sent to the salt mines. Then one night, a pack of wild dogs attacks the mine, trailing a mysterious and deadly disease in their wake. Van and a young girl named Yuna are the sole survivors of the disaster. But why? And where do they go from here? 


Story and art: Shima Shinya

glitch manga volume one cover
© Shima Shinya


“Are you one of the ones who can see them?” 

Minato notices something strange about their new town on their very first day of school, when they witness an eerie shadow. Together with their little sister Akira and their new friends, they set out to investigate what’s behind the bizarre visions plaguing them. 

One More Step, Come Stand by My Side

Story and art: Takeda Toryumon

one mroe step come stand by my side manga volume one cover
© Takeda Toryumon


The wordless time a kidnapped princess and her fingerless caretaker spend together. The ten minutes an ordinary woman spends with her stalker. The six months a man learns is all he has left to spend with his beloved, terminally ill wife. These are some of the moments we have to share with the people featured in this collection of seven of Takeda Toryumon’s manga one-shots, including his highly acclaimed The Wife I Loved Dearly.

The Ephemeral Scenes of Setsuna’s Journey

Story: Rokushou Usuasagi

Art: Ken Terasato

Character Design: sime

ephermal scenes of setsuna journey manga volume one cover
© Rokushou Usuasagi, Ken Terasato, sime


Setsuna Sugimoto’s life is forever changed when he’s summoned to another world to be a hero. Changed for the worse, that is, as he’s quickly tossed aside because of his weak constitution. Fortunately, a former hero named Kyle gives Setsuna another chance at life by passing on his knowledge and strength. Thus, Setsuna embarks on a journey to experience this incredible new world.

When I Became a Commoner, They Broke Off Our Engagement!

Story: Kenzi Oiwa

Art: Kaoru Takanashi

Character Design: Kaya Kuramoto

when i became a commoner manga volume one cover
© Kenzi Oiwa, Kaoru Takanashi, Kaya Kuramoto


Thirteen-year-old Anna was raised in a noble household, yet she looks nothing like the rest of her family and lacks her lineage’s aptitude for magic. What she doesn’t realize, however, is that a mischievous fairy switched her with another baby at birth! When this detail comes to light, Anna’s family kicks her out and ends her longstanding engagement to Edmund, a young nobleman. How will Anna learn to adapt to life as a commoner with her new family?

Maiden of the Needle

Story: Zeroki

Art: Yuni Yukimura

Character Design: Miho Takeoka

maidne of the needle manga volume one cover
© Zeroki, Yuni Yukimura, Miho Takeoka


Yui was reincarnated into another world as a member of the noble Nuir family. But when it appears that she failed to inherit her family’s unique enchanted tailoring gifts, the young seamstress is in for a life of torment and misfortune. Will a meeting with a kind-hearted noble be enough to change her fate? 

The Shiunji Family Children

Story and art: Reiji Miyajima 

Assistance: Reiji Yukino

the shiunji family children manga volume one cover
© Reiji Miyajima


Arata Shiunji has never had a girlfriend, but with five incredible sisters and a younger brother, his life is far from lonely. Despite being surrounded by beautiful women every day, he begins to accept his days as a bachelor won’t end anytime soon. But one day, that all changes when his father reveals to the family that he and his siblings aren’t related by blood! Now all bets are off, and Arata’s future promises to be rather nerve-wracking indeed…

Monthly in the Garden with My Landlord

Story and art: Yodokawa

monthly in the garden with my landlord manga volume one cover
© Yodokawa


Asako Suga needs a change to get over her recent breakup and decides moving to a new home would be just the thing. She finds a great little place a bit removed from the city with a lovely garden, but there’s a catch — the house also comes with a live-in landlord! Having a charming girl lazing about would be distracting enough, but it seems she’s keeping a secret as well…

The Red Thread

Story: Hibiko Haruyama

Art: Lazysheep

the red thread manga volume cover
© Hibiko Haruyama, Lazysheep


When Dean, the captain of the swimming club, takes the podium during Pharm’s university orientation, something unusual happens. Though the two have never met before, they’re unable to hide the turmoil that suddenly wells up inside them as the boys can’t help but feel that this isn’t the first time they’ve laid eyes on each other. Perhaps the red thread of fate links the pair together from their past lives…

Sasaki and Miyano Official Comic Anthology

Story and art: Shou Harusono

sasaki and miyano comic anthology cover
© Shou Harusono


There’s never a dull moment when the life of a boys’ love fanboy turns into one! From encounters with cats to bookstore trips and every sweet moment in between, enjoy this anthology featuring stories exploring Sasaki’s and Miyano’s relationship together — including three original stories by the series creator, Shou Harusono!

CLAMP Premium Collection Tokyo Babylon

Story and art: CLAMP

clamp premium collection tokyo babylon volume one cover


Subaru Sumeragi is the thirteenth head of his clan and a powerful onmyouji. With the help of his twin sister, Hokuto, and the veterinarian Seishiro, he solves supernatural troubles in Tokyo and helps whomever he can. However, not all onmyouji are so kind; there are some who use their power to kill, and unbeknownst to Subaru, he has a history with one such assassin…

Minato’s Laundromat

minato's laundromat volume one cover
© Yuzu Tsubaki, Sawa Kanzume

Story: Yuzu Tsubaki

Art: Sawa Kanzume


Akira Minato inherits an old, run-down laundromat from his grandfather and takes the opportunity to quit his corporate job. Instead of the laid-back life he was expecting, his days are spent in a flustered panic when high school hottie Shintaro Katsuki ambles into his life…

Honey Trap Shared House

Story: Masamune Kuji

Art: Koichi Kozuki

honey trap shared house manga volume one cover
© Masamune Kuji, Koichi Kozuki


As a child, Hayato promised to marry his first love, Serafi. Fifteen years later, he has become one of the world’s greatest spies, all while never falling for the temptations of enemy agents. A mission to expose rival operatives turns chaotic when Hayato reunites with Serafi, and each realizes the other is a spy. Now the pair must live together, torn between love and duty. The question is…who will break first?

Cheerful Amnesia

Story and art: Oku Tamamushi

cheerful amnesia manga volume one cover
© Oku Tamamushi


Arisa has lost her memories of the past three years, and her girlfriend, Mari, worries that means their love has vanished as well. But when Arisa lays eyes on her, it’s love at first sight all over again! Hoping to rekindle what they had, Mari decides to help Arisa experience things with her once more, from dates to kissing and beyond…?!

Stray Cat & Wolf

Story and art: Mitsubachi Miyuki

stray cat wolf manga volume one cover
© Mitsubachi Miyuki


Following the death of her father, Tamaki leaves her village to attend high school in the capital. Although she had intended to live alone, when she’s offered a place at a stranger’s apartment after collapsing in the street, well… Did she mention he’s pretty hot?!


The Deer King (novel)

Story: Nahoko Uehashi

the deer king novel cover
© Nahoko Uehashi


Van, a former soldier made slave, toils away endlessly in a salt mine. An unexpected chance at liberation drops in his lap when a pack of infected dogs pass through, killing everyone but him and a young girl called Yuna. Van hopes to make a peaceful life for himself now that he’s escaped. However, the disease that cleared out the mine is rapidly spreading, placing him and his ward at the center of a conflict greater than any the world has ever seen.

I May Be a Guild Receptionist, But I’ll Solo Any Boss to Clock Out on Time

Story: Mato Kousaka

Art: Gaou

i may be a guild receptionist light novel cover one
© Mato Kousaka, Gaou


Alina Clover signed up to be a receptionist for the Adventurers Guild thinking it would be her ticket to the good life. Unfortunately, her dream gig turns into an overtime nightmare whenever adventurers get stuck clearing a dungeon. To save herself from paperwork, Alina takes to beating down monsters herself to solve the problem! Now she just needs to keep her activities a secret…

Days with My Stepsister

Story: Ghost Mikawa

Art: Hiten

days with my stepsister light novel cover one
© Ghost Mikawa, Hiten


After his father remarries, Yuuta suddenly finds himself with a new stepsister: Saki, the greatest beauty at school. Neither is sure how to act around the other at first, but the two gradually grow more comfortable living together. Slowly, cautiously, patiently, two strangers become more. So begins an unlikely love story.

The Lawyer in Shizuku-ishi Sleeps with a Wolf

Story: Akira Sugano

the lawyer in shizuku light novel cover
© Akira Sugano


Shizuku-ishi, a small town tucked away in the Tokyo metropolitan area, is home to the law practice of a man named Sora. He’s good at what he does, but he also has a secret: The white dog he looks after is actually a wolf. This wolf also happens to be his brother, Fuuka, who can only return to human form when the two are alone. The brothers found themselves on this strange path many years ago, along with an old enemy of Sora’s…

Only I Know the Ghoul Saved the World

Story: Myojin Katou

Art: Kasu Komeshiro

only i know the ghoul saved the world light novel cover one
© Myojin Katou, Kasu Komeshiro


While on her first foray into the Labyrinth, amateur adventurer Alice finds herself surrounded by ferocious beastmen. All seems lost, but she’s saved by a young man named Leon, who claims to be a monster himself. Alice believes there’s more to him than that, however. She thinks Leon might be exactly what this ruined world needs: a hero.


AidaIro Illustrations: Toilet-bound Hanako-kun Artbook 2

Art: AidaIro

toilet bound hanako kun artbook
© AidaIro


It’s spooky, it’s kooky, it’ll have you playing hooky — it’s another Toilet-bound Hanako-kun artbook, Aidalro Illustrations 2! This installment contains over two hundred images, including all the color pages published in Monthly GFantasy from 2019 to 2021, art from the creator’s Twitter account, and all-new illustrations found exclusively in this book!

Yana Toboso Artworks Black Butler 3

Art: Yana Toboso

yana toboso black butler artbook
© Yana Toboso


Black has never looked so brilliant! Yana Toboso celebrates fifteen years of Black Butler with this third artwork collection. Featuring over 120 full-color illustrations, the contents cover the Public School and Emerald Witch arcs of the manga, the Circus arc of the anime, and more!

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