A Lost Land and Akademiya Extravaganza Added with Genshin Impact Version 3.6


The newest update for Genshin Impact will feature two new characters — Baizhu and Kaveh, the second part of Nahida’s story quest, and the new event Akademiya Extravaganza. Version 3.6 will arrive April 12 for Playstation, PC, Android, and iOS.

The Desert of Hadramaveth has a new area added in the northwest. One of the main battlefields in the Khaenri’ah cataclysm five hundred years ago, this area of the desert has been warped by the abyss. Now it has become an uninhabited land of swamps and wastelands. Hidden in this area is an oasis and a new weekly boss “Dragon of Verdure.”

Liyue’s benevolent doctor Baizhu is the new five-star character added to Genshin Impact this update. Baizhu is a Dendro catalyst-user who can create shields and provide healing to team characters while applying Dendro damage to enemies.

Alhaitham’s roommate, Kaveh, is a new four-star character in the game. Kaveh wields a claymore and has the power of Dendro. His abilities allow him to instantly burst nearby Dendro Cores and allow him to imbue his weapon with a Dendro infusion. Kaveh also does not take damage from Dendro Core explosions, instead healing him.

The first half of version 3.6 will feature reruns for Nahida and Nilou. The second half will feature Baizhu and Ganyu’s rerun as the featured five-star characters. Kaveh will also be available as a four-star character on the second half of the Event Wishes.

Version 3.6 adds three new quests to Genshin Impact. First is Baizhu’s story quest “Lagenaria Chapter,” followed by the second part of Nahida’s story quest “Sapientia Oromasdis Chapter: Act II.” A new hangout quest for Layla is also included in the update.

The Akademiya Extravaganza is a large event taking place in Sumeru. It features two main sections — the Wisdom Gala and the Interdarshan Championship. The Wisdom Gala features six different mini-games ranging from puzzles to combat challenges. Each mini-game is held by one of the Akademiyas darshans and is designed to display their research interest. The main event questline follows the Interdarshan Championship. 

The other events taking place in version 3.6 include Fulminating Sandstorm and Brewing Developments. The Fulminating Sandstorm event will have travelers teaming up with an Akademiya researcher to quell Wenut activity in the desert. Brewing Developments is a challenging three-round combat event where random buffs will be applied to your team at set intervals. The Overflowing Master event returns again to assist travelers in leveling characters. 

Source: Press Release, Genshin Impact YouTube Channel

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