Pole Princess!! Movie Announced for Early Winter


The original anime project Pole Princess!! is getting a movie that will premiere in Japan in early winter. A teaser visual has been released.

The Tatsunoko Production-produced anime project was announced last November. Several short episodes have been released on YouTube with English subtitles.


The plot is described as:

Hinano Hoshikita is an ordinary 17-year old who’s a little shy, and who’s always loved her grandmother’s planetarium. After hearing that her beloved grandmother’s planetarium is going to close, Hinano wonders if there’s anything she can do to help. Then one night, she meets a woman dancing beautifully on a pole beneath a starry sky. The woman seems to rise up so high that it’s almost like she could touch the stars, and Hinano is stunned by her beauty and grace. Hinano thinks to herself that if she could put on a show like this in the planetarium, it would attract lots of customers.

With the encouragement of her childhood friend Lilia, she tracks down the woman to her pole dancing school in front of the station. But when they go inside, the room is empty except for the instructor, Azumi. She’s the same woman Hinano saw before, but now she looks glum and depressed.

“What? You want to learn how to do pole dancing? Sorry, I’ve already decided to close the school.” Hinano and Lilia are sad to lose the hope they’d finally found.

But when she sees the look on their faces, Azumi says, “If you can find me four students, that’ll be enough to pay the rent. Do that, and I’ll teach you.”

Hinano and Lilia start looking for students, and jump into the world of pole dancing!

Pole Princess!!‘s cast includes Rio Tsuchiya as Hinano Hoshikita, Anna Suzuki as Lilia Saijo, Yui Ogura as Mio Tosaka, and Minami Hinata as Subaru Nanyo. Also part of the voice cast are Yoshino Nanjou as Yukari Mikoshiro, Rina Hidaka as Sana Murafuji, Saori Hayami as Noa Aoi, and Rie Kugimiya as Azumi Shinou.

Meanwhile, the staff includes:

• Director: Hitomi Ezoe (Laughing Under the Clouds Gaiden 2: Shukumei, Soutou no Fuuma assistant director)

• Scriptwriter: Touko Machida (I’ve Somehow Gotten Stronger When I Improved My Farm-Related Skills series composer)

• CG director: Yoshihiro Otobe (Waccha PriMagi!)

• Original character designer: illustrator Tomari

• Music composer Kenta Higashiohji (Build Divide co-composer) as music composer

• Pole dance supervisor: STUDIO TRANSFORM’s KAORI 

Source: @polpri_staff

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