KimiZero Unveils “Cherry Blossom Viewing” Key Visual

kimizero cherry blossom visual feature image
© 長岡マキ子・​magako / KADOKAWA /​キミゼロ製作委員会

A new “cherry blossom viewing” key visual has been released for the Keikenzumi na Kimi to, Keiken Zero na Ore ga, Otsukiai Suru Hanashi (KimiZero) anime series. The anime is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2023

The new visual is part of a series of monthly seasonal visuals for KimiZero, with a Christmas visual being released previously. 

kimizero cherry blossom anime key visual
© 長岡マキ子・​magako / KADOKAWA /​キミゼロ製作委員会

The main production staff includes Hideaki Ooba (Love of Kill) as director, Hiroko Fukuda (Teasing Master Takagi-san) as series screenwriter, Yousuke Itou (Management of a Novice Alchemist) as character designer, Takeshi Takadera as sound director, and Kei Haneoka as music composer. Pony Canyon is handling the series’ music production while ENGI is in charge of the main animation production. 

The KimiZero light novels is written by Makiko Nagaoka and illustrated by magako. It was first published on September 19, 2020 by Fujimi Shobo under its Fujimi Fantasia Bunko. Six physical volumes have been released as of March 2023. 

The light novels also inspired a manga adaptation by Carpaccio Noyama that was launched in Square Enix’s Gangan Online web service on February 23, 2022. Two tankoubon volumes have been released as of November 2022, with a third volume due for release in April 2023. 

kimizero anime teaser visual
© 長岡マキ子・​magako / KADOKAWA /​キミゼロ製作委員会

Kadokawa describes the synopsis as: 

Ryuuto Kashima is a gloomy high school student. Because of a punishment game, he was forced to confess to Runa Shirakawa, a girl from the top of school caste and admired by everyone. They ended up going out for the unexpected reason of “Err, I’m free now so…” but, Ryuuto ends up following and eavesdropping Runa getting confessed by a handsome soccer club member, and Runa bringing Ryuuto, whom she just started dating, to her own room as a matter of course. They have different friends and ways to have fun, different in just about everything. And yet, surprised by their differences everyday, accepting it, they begin to relate with each other. A love story that will make you feel wonderful when you read it, starts now!

Source: KimiZero Official Anime Twitter

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