UNIQLO Releases Detective Conan UT Apparel Collection on May 22

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©Gosho Aoyama/Shogakukan

UNIQLO is releasing a new Detective Conan UT apparel collection on May 22, 2023, which will be available for purchase online and in all of UNIQLO’s physical retail stores. 

The new UT collection will consist of seven unique T-shirt designs that display fan-favorite scenes from the original manga and anime series. Each shirt is priced at US$24.90 and will be available in Japan earlier in April 2023, before being released worldwide in mid to late May. 

The first item is a white T-shirt with an exclusive design created by series creator Gosho Aoyama. It shows Conan putting his signature glasses on Ai Haibara. 

The second item is a black T-shirt with a unique Shinichi Kudo design on the back. It depicts him as a knight, embracing his childhood friend Ran Mori, who is playing a princess in her high school theater production.

The third shirt features Conan’s silhouette superimposed over a shadow of Shinichi, with Conan’s trademark red bowtie contrasting the subtle colors. Conan’s catchphrase “There is always only one truth!” is printed below the silhouettes.

The fourth shirt is a purple T-shirt with a custom stitched chest pocket that is designed with a silhouette of Ai Haibara’s head, along with imagery reflecting her history as a scientist. 

The fifth shirt highlights FBI agent Shuichi Akai against a black background. He is shown sitting on the words “Silver Bullet,” which was used by the Black Organization to describe both Conan and Akai.

The sixth shirt is themed around Black Organization member Bourbon. The design features imagery of his code name and the words he speaks when he first meets Ai Haibara. 

The seventh and final item highlights Conan’s rival Kid the Phantom Thief. Various items that represent his character are used in the design, such as his top hat, monocle, calling card, and a playing card. All of them are scattered over a background in his signature white motif. 

UNIQLO also interviewed Aoyama for their online magazine to promote the latest UT collection and the Kurogane no Submarine anime film

Source: UNIQLO Official Product Page

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