Liar Liar Releases 2nd Trailer

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The Liar Liar anime has a new trailer that previews the main characters’ voices and new footage. The anime is set to premiere this July.

Liar Liar is based on the Liar Liar: Usotsuki Tenkousei wa Ikasama Cheat chan to Game wo Seisuru sou desu MF Bunko J light novel series written by Haruki Kuou and illustrated by konomi, which began in 2019 and has 12 volumes as of November 2022. The light novels have also inspired a manga adaptation by Funa Yukina.

The story is set on Academy Island, where the ranks of students are decided through “Games.” Hiroto is a transfer student who somehow beats the champion Sarasa and becomes the fastest to reach the rank of “Seven Star.” Hiroto’s rank is actually based on a lie, but he has to maintain his position in order to achieve his goal.

The cast members for the GEEKTOYS-produced show include:

Genta Nakamura as Hiroto Shinohara

• Yukina Shutou as Himeji Shirayuki

• Wakana Kuramochi as Sarasa Saionji

• Jun Fukuyama as Seiran Kugasaki

• Sora Tokui as Suzuran Kasami

• Junya Enoki as Shinji Enomoto

• Saori Oonishi as Nanase Asamiya

Meanwhile, Liar Liar‘s staff lineup includes:

• Director: Satoru Ohno (“Love Letter” music video, “Caesura of Despair” music video) 

• Director: Naoki Matsuura (“Caesura of Despair” animation director) 

• Series composer: Momoka Toyoda (Shadows House Season 2 scriptwriter)

• Character designer: Yumi Nakamura (“Love Letter”)

• Color designer: Aya Aburaki

• Music composer: MONACA’s Kuniyuki Takahashi (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 2 and 3 co-composer)

• Music composer: Keiichi Hirokawa (Garo Vanishing Line)

Source: @liar2_official

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