WIT STUDIO-Produced Short Film About Girl and Yeti Released

Image source: FlyingDog YouTube channel

The YouTube channel of record label FlyingDog has uploaded a short anime titled Fuyu no Okurimono (Winter’s Gift), which follows a girl and a yeti that lives in her fridge. The short is produced by WIT STUDIO with assistance from Studio Kafka.

Fuyu no Okurimono features the voices of Shion Shimizu as main character Hina and Hiroki Gotou as the Yeti. The theme song “Haru no Yume” is performed by JUNNA.

Kazuaki Terasawa, who is directing the upcoming The Ancient Magus Bride Season 2, is credited with the direction, script, and storyboard of the short. Other staff include:

Tomomi Kawatsuma (RE:cycle of the PENGUINDRUM co-character designer)

Yuuko Kobari (Inu-Oh) as color designer

Seiki Tamura (Mr. Osomatsu Season 3) as art director

Katsuhito Ogawa (Just Because!) as photography director

n-buna as music composer

Source: FlyingDog YouTube channel

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