SuperGroupies Opens Pre-Orders for Trigun Stampede Apparel

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Pop culture fashion brand SuperGroupies is introducing a new apparel collaboration with the Trigun Stampede anime series. The exclusive fashion collection includes seven items that are inspired by Vash the Stampede, Nicholas D. Wolfwood, and Millions Knives.

Pre-orders will be accepted until April 2, 2023 at 8:00 PM PST. The coat and bags from each collection will ship out in early September 2023, while the watches will ship in October 2023. All items are made-to-order and pre-orders will end when the total number of orders reaches the amount of items that can be prepared.

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Vash the Stampede’s apparel includes a red model coat that serves as a faithful replica as featured in the anime. A “Project SEEDS” logo is embossed on tags across the chest and right sleeve, with additional designs included on the high neck collar. Vash’s transistor radio is also printed on the coat’s internal pocket. A red and black model watch, as well as a black and brown backpack also accompanies Vash’s apparel collection. 

The coat is priced at US$250.00 before tax, and is available in medium, large, extra large, and double XL sizes. The model watch costs US$230.00 before tax, while the backpack costs US$200.00 before tax. 

Nicholas D. Wolfwood’s apparel consists of a black model backpack inspired by his signature weapon, the Punisher. It includes an original tag inside that showcases Wolfwood’s orphanage, his name, enhancement drug vials, the Eye of Michael symbol, and a crushed cigarette. On the back, a cross-shaped stitching, inspired by the imagery of the Punisher, is embroidered. A black and gray watch is also included as part of the appeal line. 

Before taxes, the backpack costs US$200.00 while the model watch is priced at US$230.00. 

Lastly, Millions Knives’s apparel include a silver/gray model watch with gold accents and a vivid blue crossbody bag. The main dial of the watch features an etched pattern from Knives’ appearance as a Plant in the anime, as well as several motifs representing his weapon. Two subdials and a blue stone set in the watch’s crown reference Knives’s eye color. 

The watch costs US$230.00 before tax, while the bag costs US$130.00 before tax. 

More details about each apparel item and how to pre-order them can be found on SuperGroupie’s product page

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