“TOHO animation Music Films” Project Gets Trailer, 1st Film To Premiere on March 20

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The “TOHO animation Music Films” project that was announced last December has received a 40-second trailer previewing its five short films. The shorts are set to be released at a one-film-per-day pace on the TOHO animation YouTube channel starting on March 20.

The “TOHO animation Music Films” project is a 10th anniversary project for TOHO animation. The shorts feature different pairings of anime creators and music artists.

The shorts are:

• Tentai Kansoku (March 20, 6PM JST)

Anime creator: loundraw (Summer Ghost and Futaribun no Shoumei director) 

Music artist: BUMP OF CHICKEN 

Song title: “Tentai Kansoku”

Himitsu no Hana no Niwa (March 21, 6PM JST)

Anime creator: Namiko Ishidate (Our Little PondMirai no Watashi McDonald’s ad character designer)

Music artist: Ryokuoushoku Shakai

Song title: “White Rabbit”

Neko to Wakai Sena (March 22, 6PM JST)

Anime creator: Mizuki Ito (Attack on Titan Final Season animation director)

Music artist: Hentai Shinshi Club 

Song title: “Semi”

Deterame na Sekai no Melodrama (March 23, 6PM JST)

Anime creator: China (“Sore wo Ai to Yobu dake” and The Heike Story Episode 3 director) 

Music artist:  CreepHyp 

Song title: “Rin To”

COLORs (March 24, 6PM JST)

Anime creator: Tetsurou Araki (Attack on Titan Season 1 and Death Note director)

Music artist: SawanoHiroyuki[nZk]:Hata Motohiro 

Song title: “COLORs”

It was previously revealed that TOHO animation STUDIO was producing China’s short, while FLAT STUDIO and WIT Studio were producing Tentai Kansoku and COLORs, respectively. Additionally, Mai Yoneyama (Cyberpunk: Edgerunners ending animation director et al.) is listed as the character designer for COLORs.

Source: TOHO animation channel

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