Ayaka Original Anime Reveals Takahiro Sakurai’s Replacement


A new update for the upcoming original supernatural action anime Ayaka has revealed that Kousuke Toriumi will replace Takahiro Sakurai as the Shinto priest Haruaki Kurama. 

Sakurai’s removal from the role was announced last month with “various circumstances” cited as the reason.

Ayaka is currently set to premiere this year. The premise sees Yukito Yanagi, an orphan with water-manipulating powers, being taken back to his hometown by the arrogant Jingi Sagawa, who claims to be a pupil of Yukito’s late father. Aside from Jingi, other pupils include the Haruaki and Aka Ibuki, the chief of an organization that exterminates entities called Aramitama. 

The other main voice actors include Yuuto Uemura as Yukito, Takuma Terashima as Jingi, and Yuuichirou Umehara as Aka.

GoRA (K series) and KINGRECORDS are credited with creating the show. Nobuyoshi Nagayama (Love Flops) is directing with GoRA as series composer and scriptwriter, Misaki Kaneko (Smile Down the Runway) as character designer, illustrator redjuice as original character designer, and Kana Shibue (Sasaki and Miyano) as music composer. Studio Blanc. is the animation production company.

Source: @AYAKA_animePR

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