Rating Every Hitori Gotou Face from Bocchi the Rock!

bocchi the rock face feature image
© AH/​H, A

Fresh off its many accolades at the 9th Annual Anime Trending Awards, Bocchi the Rock! was a standout anime series from the Fall 2022 season. The anime gave us great comedy, music, and slice-of-life vibes, making it a critical success within the anime community. 

Lead character Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou provides the most expressive facial expressions throughout the series. Here are some of Bocchi’s wild faces and a rating for each of them:

Bocchi Breaks the Matrix

hitori gotou glitchy face
© AH/​H, A

Glitchy Bocchi here is dreading the day she makes a social media account so much that reality breaks around here. It’s a chaotic facial expression that is equally iconic. 10/10

Bocchi Forgets Stuff

hitori gotou forgetful sketchy face
© AH/​H, A

Derpy Bocchi is just as good as the other Bocchi faces in the show. She needs much love after forgetting all her lyrics. 7/10

Cubist Bocchi

hitori gotou cubist bocchi
© AH/​H, A

A brilliant Cubist masterpiece that captures Bocchi’s wide confusion in the style of Picasso. 10/10 

Cubist Bocchi (Redux)

hitori gotou guitar face
© AH/​H, A

This draws upon the Cubist influence from the previous picture but is less stylized. Not as good as the original facial expression, but it deserves extra brownie points for giving the guitar a face too. 6/10

“The Scream” Bocchi

hitori gotou the scream pose
© AH/​H, A

Bocchi goes for her best “The Scream” pose here, but it could be better if the background was a little different and more Scream-esque. Like the picture itself, it’s a little flat. 5/10

Bocchi is Deceased

hitori gotou deceased in coffin
© AH/​H, A

The sadness here is real, but Bocchi can at least find peace rather than work part-time. 7/10

Bocchi Really Doesn’t Want to Be Here

hitori gotou nope pose
© AH/​H, A

Bocchi says no when others say yes, and you can really see her nervousness on display here. The dreary background gives this expression way more dread than needed. 9/10

Troll 2: Bocchi Wants to Skip Work

hitori gotou troll face work
© AH/​H, A

Bocchi really doesn’t want to work and face people at her school’s maid cafe. She’s looking for any excuse to get out, and it seems she’s found her escape when making that face. It’s creative, and I really like her chiseled chin. 10/10

Bocchi is Deceased: The Sequel

hitori gotou passed out maid costume
© AH/​H, A

I mean, the picture explains itself. Meeting a lot of new faces in a social environment like a school festival will do that to ya. 9/10

Bocchi Demands Respect! 

hitori gotou nervous face work
© AH/​H, A

Don’t mess with Bocchi… or at least the people who protect her. She can’t handle these sudden apologies. 7/10

Bocchi is Deceased: The Final Part 

hitori gotou dead the final pose
© AH/​H, A

We conclude our “Bocchi is Deceased” series (maybe?) with a spaced out Bocchi once again dreading the possibility of meeting new people and trying new things. Let’s face it: we’ve all made this face during a new workweek. Mondays really suck! 10/10

Melting Bocchi

hitori gotou melting face work
© AH/​H, A

Bocchi’s eyes, mouth, and nose are sliding right off her face as she buckles under the pressure of customer service. It’s an interesting way of showcasing someone’s anxiety, especially in front of strangers. 7/10 

Melting Bocchi Part 2: A Day in Court

hitori gotou melting face court
© AH/​H, A

The previous facial expression is funnier in this scene, where Bocchi is brought to court for failing to deliver great customer service. Seeing her face mismatched with a suit on is really jarring and hilarious. 8/10

Bocchi Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!

hitori gotou bocchi barfs rainbows
© AH/​H, A

A sight so awful that it got censored and has Bocchi here spewing out rainbows. A much better expression than her previous “Scream” pose, in my opinion. 9/10

The Muppet Show (Featuring Hitori Gotou & Ikuyo Kita)

hitori gotou puppet ikuyo kita
© AH/​H, A

On the surface, it’s so cute seeing Ikuyo helping out Bocchi at a guitar store here. However, it’s still kind of creepy seeing her as a self-made ventriloquist doll. Puppet Bocchi still looks funny though. 10/10 

Bocchi is Shocked You Didn’t File Your Taxes

hitori gotou shocked face
© AH/​H, A

Bocchi is shocked and disappointed that you’re behind on filing your taxes. The deadline is coming up, so pick up the pace. It’s only an appropriate expression to make for your tardiness. 8/10

Bo Money Bo Problems

hitori gotou money shocked face
© AH/​H, A

Look at that fat stack of yen notes! The sheer sight of it shocked Bocchi so much, she may never have to work again. 8/10

Dazed and Confused: Bocchi Version

hitori gotou dizzy face
© AH/​H, A

Bocchi can’t handle all the stress. It’s just too much on her. Look at those swirls. 7/10 

Disney and Pixar Present: BOCCHI-E: An Introvert Story

bocchi 3D face
© AH/​H, A

3D Bocchi is harmless and won’t hurt you. She just wants to find a friend in this lonely, unrendered world. 3D Bocchi just wants to be loved in a world of 2D enthusiasts. 9/10

Ikuyo Kita is Kinda Sus

hitori gotou confused look
© AH/​H, A

You ever wonder why Ikuyo drags Bocchi out to do things outside of her comfort zone? She gives Bocchi so much anxiety, due to her unintentional actions, that it makes it more difficult for her to get used to the outside world. Her face here pretty much sums up her initial shock and confusion, but I think Ikuyo has good intentions nonetheless. 7/10 

Depressed Bocchi 

hitori gotou depressed
© AH/​H, A

Me every time I pre-order something outside my budget. Please help protect me from my wallet. 8/10 

Bocchi Welcomes Her Friends to Her Home For the Very First Time

hitori gotou celebration disguise
© AH/​H, A

I applaud Bocchi’s effort in trying to liven up the mood. If you’re having friends over for the very first time in your home, you have to go all out and dress up like it’s New Year’s. 6/10

Smug Bocchi is For Real

hitori gotou smug face
© AH/​H, A

Who says introverts can’t be smug? If you praise us and compliment the work we do, we might break out into an ugly grin. 10/10

Bocchi Says What We Were All Thinking This Entire Time

hitori gotou scared face society
© AH/​H, A

Words of wisdom from Bocchi. This needed to be said. 10/10

National Geographic Presents: Bocchi in the Wild

hitori gotou happy face out of box
© AH/​H, A

The wild Bocchi is a quiet and solitary creature, but she will appear in public if you praise her talents. Although she prefers to live by herself, she will gradually grow closer to you if you give her a cute nickname and snacks. 8/10 

Bocchi Finally Finds Nirvana

hitori gotou turning to dust
© AH/​H, A

Bocchi has realized that we all come from dust, and dust we shall return. Life is hard, so let go and become a cute pile of sand. 7/10

The Ultimate Bocchi 

hitori gotou in a ripe mangos box
© AH/​H, A


Which Bocchi made you laugh the hardest? Did we miss any of your favorites from the series? Let us know what you think and check out more content from Bocchi the Rock! here.

William Moo is a freelance writer who has previously written for OTAQUEST and MANGA.TOKYO. He enjoys watching lots of anime every season and reading from time to time. You can follow him on Twitter @thewriterSITB.
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