Yusuke Murata Releases “A Part” of Original Zaiyuki Anime

Image source: @NEBU_KURO

One Punch Man artist Yusuke Murata has released the “A Part” of his original anime Zaiyuki on Twitter, with the upload split across two tweets. The anime follows a hapless kappa (who cannot swim, is bad at sumo, and dislikes cucumbers) who gets entangled with Journey to the West-inspired characters.

The anime features no audio but has Japanese subtitles for the dialogue. Like Murata’s 2021 One Punch Man animation, Zaiyuki is produced by Village Studio.

Murata previously released artwork of the anime’s characters, which includes a suit-wearing Treasure Hunter take on the monk Tang Sanzang and a female version of Zhu Bajie called Rosu (Pork Loin), and an eyecatch animation. The Kappa protagonist is named after Sha Wujing.

Sources: @NEBU_KURO, Crunchyroll News

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