The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion Reveals MindaRyn As OP Artist

MindaRyn has been announced as the opening song artist for The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion anime adaptation. The song, “SURVIVE,” will be released on May 24 as her sixth single.

SERRA was previously announced as the artist for the ending theme song “Always and Forever.”

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion is set to begin airing on April 10. It is based on the webtoon written by Milcha and illustrated by Whale, which was released on the Piccoma website from 2018 to 2021. Its eighth tankoubon volume, published under Kadokawa’s Flos Comic label, was released on December 5, 2022. 

The webtoon is available in English on Tappytoon and from Yen Press (as Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion). Yen Press describes the premise as:

Eunha Park thought she was getting another chance at life when she awoke in the world of a novel. The only problem? Raeliana McMillan, the character she was reborn as, is fated to be killed by her fiancé! For the sake of her survival, she comes up with an idea—get into a fake marriage with a man more powerful than her groom-to-be. But when that protection comes in the form of Noah Wynknight, the duke with a warm smile and cold heart, Raeliana realizes she might be a bit in over her head…She’s going to regret this plan, isn’t she?

The anime’s staff includes Junichi Yamamoto (More Than a Married Couple, But Not LoversArmor Shop for Ladies & Gentlemen) as director, Mitsutaka Hirota (Bibliophile Princess, Rent-A-Girlfriend) as series composer, Haruna Hashimoto (My Hero Academia Season 6 Episodes 5, 10, 14 character designer assistance) as character designer, Kenji Katou (Black Summoner) as art director, and Chieko Hibi (The Fruit of Evolution: Before I Knew It, My Life Had It Made) as color designer, Yuzuru Funakoshi (My Sister, My Writer) as the photography director, and Keiji Inai (The Misfit of Demon King Academy, The Royal Tutor) as music composer. Typhoon Graphics is in charge of the animation production. 

Meanwhile, the cast includes Yume Miyamoto as Raeliana McMillan/Rinko Hanasaki (known as Eunha Park in the original manhwa), Yuuichirou Umehara as Noah Voltaire Wynknight, Shuuichirou Umeda as Adam Taylor, Shunichi Toki as Keith Westernberg, Akira Ishida as Heika Demint, Tomokazu Sugita as Justin Shamal, Yumika Yano as Vivian Shamal, and Junichi Suwabe as Siatrich Newreal Chamos. 

The Reason Why Raeliana Ended Up at the Duke’s Mansion was originally a web novel on KakaoPage that began in 2016, with three main volumes and a side volume published as of 2018. The Korean-language version of the webtoon began in 2017 and was also published on KakaoPage. A video game was released on Steam in 2021.

Source: @koshakutei

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