Shinpei Wins Boy of the Year in 9th Anime Trending Awards

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Shinpei Ajiro from the supernatural mystery series Summer Time Rendering has won Best Boy in the 9th Anime Trending Awards.

The amateur detective first made his debut in the Spring 2022 Male Characters chart in 10th place. Quickly rising to 2nd place by Week 8, he remained there for the rest of the Spring 2022 season.

During the Summer Time Rendering second cour, Shinpei once again took 2nd place for Weeks 3 and 9 before topping the chart in Week 11 of Summer 2022.

Natsuki Hanae has won Best Male Voice Acting Performance for his role as Shinpei Ajiro. He has also voiced characters such as NieR:Automata Ver1.1a’s 9S and Attack on Titan: Final Season’s Falco Grice.

Summer Time Rendering also won 1st place in Best Mystery or Psychological Anime of the Year, Supernatural Anime of the Year, and was nominated for Anime of the Year.

The ten nominees for Best Boy of the Year were:

1. Ajiro, Shinpei  [14,938 votes]

2. Forger, Loid  [13,852 votes]

3. Kageyama, Shigeo  [13,151 votes]

4. Shirogane, Miyuki  [12,286 votes]

5. Denji  [9,497 votes]

6. Reigen, Arataka  [8,049 votes]

7. Bojji  [7,397 votes]

8. Ayanokouji, Kiyotaka  [6,607 votes]

9. Gojou, Wakana  [6,008 votes]

10. Katagiri, Yuuichi  [5,074 votes]

The full results of the 9th Anime Trending Awards can be viewed here

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