Marin-Chan Wins Girl of the Year at 9th Anime Trending Awards

Marin Kitagawa from the cosplaying rom-com My Dress-Up Darling has won Girl of the Year for the 9th Anime Trending Awards.  

Her ATA win is evident with her nine-week long streak as Best Girl of Winter 2022, and she topples the previous champion holder Shirayuki (Snow White with the Red Hair), who had been the Best Girl of Summer 2018 with eight consecutive weeks. Marin also continues to sweeten the deal by cementing My Dress-Up Darling as the top anime in Anime Trending history to have a total of nine awards between Winter 2022 and the 9th Anime Trending Awards. 

Marin Kitagawa is voiced by Hina Suguta, a relatively new seiyuu mostly known as the guitarist in Morfonica and voice of Touko Kirigaya from the BanG Dream! franchise. The energetic cosplayer from My Dress-Up Darling is so popular that she even has multiple pieces of merchandise, including a Nendoroid, a 1/7 scale figurine, and a fully-voiced voice alarm app

The ten nominees for Best Girl of the Year were: 

1. Kitagawa, Marin  [14,718 votes]

2. Gotou, Hitori  [13,416 votes]

3. Nishikigi, Chisato  [12,181 votes]

4. Forger, Anya  [10,944 votes]

5. Forger, Yor  [10,250 votes]

6. Shinomiya, Kaguya  [9,672 votes]

7. Inoue, Takina  [9,286 votes]

8. Nanakusa, Nazuna  [9,201 votes]

9. Ijichi, Nijika  [8,788 votes]

10. Mercury, Suletta  [6,432 votes]

The full results of the 9th Anime Trending Awards can be viewed here.

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