KADOKAWA Manga and Anime/Seiyuu Academies To Open in 2024

Image source: press release

April 2024 will see the opening of the KADOKAWA Manga Academy and the KADOKAWA Anime/Seiyuu Academy, with each having a presence in both Tokyo and Osaka.

The two academies are a collaboration between Vantan, a business that focuses on schools in creative fields, and publishing giant KADOKAWA (Vantan is part of the KADOKAWA Group via its being a subsidiary of KADOKAWA subsidiary DWANGO). Both academies are described as having digital-focused classes.

After the first year of learning the fundamentals, those in the KADOKAWA Manga Academy can choose from the manga, illustrations, and editing courses. The academy will offer three- and four-year courses. Meanwhile, the KADOKAWA Anime/Seiyuu Academy will offer two- and three-year CG animation majors, a two-year illustration major, a two-year seiyuu talent major, a two-year novel/scenario-writing major, and a two year anime writing major.

The KADOKAWA Anime/Seiyuu Academy webpage wrote that its curriculum focuses on cel-shaded CG and “2DCG animation” and has no subjects involving hand-drawn animation or analog illustrations. Aside from the career paths indicated by the names of the above courses, the page said that it envisions graduates to be able to become anime directors and episode/unit directors, compositors, VTubers, animators, and anime song singers as well.

Image source: press release

Those looking to take the specialized courses will have to be aged 18 and above. A high school course, which will teach skills pertaining to the specialized fields in addition to providing a high school diploma, will be available for those aged 15 to 18. The KADOKAWA Anime/Seiyuu Academy’s high school course only offers animation and seiyuu talent majors.

KADOKAWA senior advisor Shinichirou Inoue will be the honorary director of the academies. The KADOKAWA Manga Academy will have KADOKAWA Chief Publishing Officer Masayuki Aoyagi as Education Advisor, while the KADOKAWA Anime/Seiyuu Academy will have KADOKAWA Chief Animation Officer Takeshi Kikuchi in the role.

When explaining the academies’ focus on digital, a Vantan press release mentioned the increasing popularity of vertical scroll comics worldwide as well as the demand for retention that stems from the concurrent lack of manpower and estimated quickening of digitalization in the animation production industry. 

KADOKAWA has previously forayed into anime production-related territory by co-founding the “hybrid digital animation production” studio ENGI, jointly-acquiring the 2D animation studio Kinema Citrus, and establishing the 3D CG anime studio Kadan. Last year, KADOKAWA Senior General Manager Daijo Kudo told us that the company was “trying to create programs to help develop young talent” as part of its efforts to produce 40 anime titles a year until 2023.

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