Liar Liar Anime Begins This Summer, More Cast Announced

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A Summer 2023 release window has been revealed for the Liar Liar anime adaptation. 

Additionally, more cast members were announced including:

Rika Tachibana as Noa Akizuki

Yurika Moriyama as Tsumugi Shiina 

Houko Kuwashima as Natsume Ichinose 

Hibiku Yamamura as Ami Kagaya

Momoko Seto as Fuuka Tatara

Mai Mochizuki as Yuuki Tsuji

Liar Liar is based on the Liar Liar: Usotsuki Tenkousei wa Ikasama Cheat chan to Game wo Seisuru sou desu MF Bunko J light novel series written by Haruki Kuou and illustrated by konomi, which began in 2019 and has 12 volumes as of November 2022. The series has also inspired a manga adaptation by Funa Yukina.

The story takes place on Academy Island, where the ranks of students are decided through “Games.” Hiroto is a transfer student who somehow beats the champion Sarasa and becomes the fastest to reach the rank of “Seven Star.” Hiroto’s rank is actually based on a lie, but he has to maintain his position in order to achieve his goal.

Satoru Ohno (“Love Letter” music video, “Caesura of Despair” music video) and Naoki Matsuura (“Caesura of Despair” animation director) are co-directing the anime with Momoka Toyoda (Shadows House Season 2 scriptwriter) as series composer and Yumi Nakamura (“Love Letter”) as character designer. Other staff include Aya Aburaki as color designer and MONACA’s Kuniyuki Takahashi (My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU Season 2 and 3 co-composer) and Keiichi Hirokawa (Garo Vanishing Line) as music composers. GEEKTOYS is the animation production company.

Meanwhile, the main cast includes Genta Nakamura as Hiroto Shinohara, Yukina Shutou as Himeji Shirayuki, and Wakana Kuramochi as Sarasa Saionji.

Source: Liar Liar website

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